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Buggies a Very Cute Fruit Stand 5th Birthday


I wanted something fun, different, and colorful for Buggies 5th birthday party {just like her}. After a little back and forth on the theme I went with a "A Very Cute Fruit Stand". For more images and info visit my blog:

Design Inspiration

I worked with my girlfriend Kori from Paper and Pigtails to come up with the perfect little invitation and paper goods to make this party stand out.  Once we had those nailed down it was the jumping board for all the other goodies I did.

Decorating Style

Fun, funky, unique, vintage, with a little quirky on the side.

Project Details

Hubs and I mapped out a plan {well mostly Hubs, I helped a little} to build the canopy out of PVC. After a little red spray paint it was perfect, then added yellow fabric and a little strawberry fabric ruffle to the front. These are pineapple shaped cups I purchased from Rhode Island Novelty. They had a little hole for a straw, super cute. I knew I wanted to work with Renee from Bees Knees Creative. So I ordered the cutest strawberry cookies. {you will see more of her work below}. I was stumped on watermelon, until I did a little Etsy search and came across Lather Tech. This soap looked and smelled so much like watermelon. I purchased some banana fabric and made little sacks and filled then with banana chips. For a little fruit cocktail I went to Doodle R US and ordered some fruit shaped crayons. They were quick and easy to work with. And they paired perfect with the coloring sheet of Buggie my Uncle made for her. And you remember those gumball flowers I made.

Favorite Items

I had originally wanted fondant topper for the cupcakes I made, but then I thought how cute would little bite size cookies in stuck in cupcakes?! These cookies melted my heart the mintue I laid eyes on them. The little faces, I mean come on. I really wanted to shellack them and keep them for ever! I had seen something in a Martha {Stewart that is} mag, after attempting three times, I realized I am not Martha or her staff. SO I racked my noodle and thought how cute would it be to make cherry Dum Dum lollipop cherries. For these I ordered a box of just cherry Dum Dum's , thin floral tape, leafs cut out of cardstock and hot glue. I just wrapped the lollipops together to make them in pairs, then hot glued the leafs on. Done and done.


I think this party is really easy to fun to plan, you just need a little imagination and some crafty skills.  And honestly the party can be super cost effective.  


Thursday 12th of May 2011

So colorful and so fun yet easy to put together! I totally love this fruit stand idea of yours. And I can think other variations to this, like a fun flower stand, or a candy stand. Really cool.


Tuesday 10th of May 2011

This party concept looks really fun! This is the first party of this theme I have seen. I love how you exercised your creativity with the different fruits. This is the kind of party I can imagine giving my daughter and the kind I am sure my little girl and her friends will truly enjoy.