Bryce’s Rustic Meets Modern Monochrome Nursery

  • Rustic Meets Modern Monochrome Nursery
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When I found out I was having a baby boy, I'll be honest and say that I felt a little sense of panic when I thought about decorating a nursery. Before my daughter was born, I felt like I had a clear vision of the type of nursery I wanted for her, and had so much fun bringing that vision to life. But a boy's room felt so foreign to me; I've grown up with all sisters and boy things were just not on my radar!

When it came time to really start putting the room together, I actually started finding my inspiration through Instagram. I'd found some Mama-owned shops that I'd been following for a while because I loved the beautiful and unique products they created. I started paying attention to their items that were more 'boyish' and began to see a pattern with the things I liked - they were mostly monochrome - black, white, gray, and natural wood tones, and had a whimsical edge to them. When I think of boys, I think of the outdoors, and starting pulling together items that featured mountains, camping, and various woodland creatures. I also needed the room to fit with the style of the rest of our home, which has a modern farmhouse vibe, and thought the wood planked wall would tie it all together.

For several months I continued to find more and more fantastic small businesses through Instagram and built a collection of my favorite finds. I loved that the items were unique and that I was helping another Mama somewhere in the world (so many of them are in Australia - I think there must be something in the water there that sparks incredible creativity among the ladies who live there!) I wasn't sure how or if it would all come together, but once I really began decorating the room, I felt like it did and I'm so happy with the result.


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    Hi Katie! Those wall storage bins are from The Land of Nod and they come in several colors!

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    Hi ! I love his room !! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got his light fixture and the let’s go camping sign ? :) thank you !

  4. 4

    Hi Danielle! Thank you so much! The light fixture is from Barnlight Electric and the ‘Let’s Go Camping’ Sign is from Land of Nod.

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    Hi Amy! Thank you so much – I just love them too! The hedgehog pillow is from Babee & Me, the raccoon is from Hallmark Baby, and the sloth is from the Land of Nod. I have them linked in my source list above!

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    Where did you get all the bear stuff? Mainly the wire looking bear head? It’s. Y sons nickname and I haven’t been able to find anything that wasn’t cheesy

  10. 10

    Hey Jennie! What a cute nickname! The metal one is from Hobby Lobby. I’ve listed pretty much everything in the room in the Source list, but if there’s another one (or more) that you don’t see sourced, just let me know and I’m happy to help!

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    Hi! I love this room! Could you tell me where you got the shelves that are behind the glider?


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    Hi Kathy! Thank you so much! The Cloud shelves are from The Land of Nod and the mountain shelf is from Mitahli Designs. I have links for both of them in my source list!

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    Hey Cynthia! Yes the boards are nailed to the wall using a nailgun. We stained the boards first, then they were cut/installed. We based the spacing between the boards on the overall dimensions of the wall. Hope that helps and thanks for the compliment!

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    I need to know more about this plank wall! I like that it doesn’t cover the entire wall can you give any tips?

  16. 16

    Can you tell me what color/brand stain you used for the plank wall!? I’m in love and doing this with our baby boy’s nursery! Thank you!

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    Thanks Morgan! Yes, I wanted to have the wood look, but didn’t want to cover the entire wall as I was afraid the room would look too dark (it’s already a pretty dark room to begin with). We purchased the boards at the hardware store, lightly sanded them, and then stained them with Minwax Dark Walnut. We started the installation with the top board first, as I knew I wanted a board that would be flush with the ceiling. If your wall is longer than the length of one board, just be sure as you place multiple boards together that you stagger the spot where the two boards meet for each row. That way you will have a more rustic and staggered look. It was also a little tricky working around the top of the closet door, as I didn’t want to have a board that stuck up higher than the top of the closet frame. I made sure when I was determining my spacing between the boards to account for that. If you don’t have a door to workaround, it should be really easy! Good luck and let me know if there are any other specific details you were looking for!

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    Hey Danielle! If you are using a mobile phone, I think they put the source list at the VERY bottom of the post. I’m getting lots of source questions though, so perhaps it’s not showing? I’m not sure! Anyhow, the mobile is from an Etsy shop called MandysFavoriteThings. Here’s the link: Thanks for looking!

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    Where did you get the blanket hanging on the crib? I looked at the links but couldn’t find one for it.

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    Hey!!! Beautiful nursery!! Just wondering where you got the white book shelves above the wire baskets? I don’t think they are tagged

  24. 24

    Hi Tiffany! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Those little shelves are from Pottery Barn Kids.

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    Hi Susannah! Thank you so much! The bed is made by Babyletto. I purchased it from Target but I’ve also seen it at several other retailers. This model is called the ‘Hudson’ and comes in several color options. We really love it so far!

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    Love this room! I looked at the source list but I couldn’t find (or missed) a source for the bear print that’s framed on a shelf. Thanks!

  28. 28

    Hi Haley! Thank you so much! Those sweet prints are all from Rylee + Cru! Their website is

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    Hello, i absolutely love the nursery you put together for your little man. Question for you on the wood wall- how much spacing did you give between the boards? The same spacing of the board or more? for example, if the boards were 6″ did you give exact 6″ spacing in between or more?

    thank you!

  30. 30

    Hi Samira – thank you so much for the sweet compliment! So in a perfect world you would have the same spacing between the boards as the width of one board, just like you mentioned, but it all depends on the size of your wall. Ours didn’t work out where I could space them exactly like that or I would have had to cut one of the boards smaller. So we just took the measurements of the wall, used the width of one board as a starting point, and then calculated how much more (or less) space would be needed between the boards to get them to lay out in a pattern where we wouldn’t have to do that. The difference in the width was minimal so you can’t tell just by looking at it. I hope this helps!

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    THANK you so much for the fast response. Regarding your light fixture, which size did you end up doing? 12″ 14″ 16″ or 18″?

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    Hi Kayla! They are from Land of Nod and there’s a direct link to them in my source list. Thanks so much for looking and for the sweet compliment!

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    LOVE this nursery! I looked through the links and I’m not sure if I’m missing it or I’m blind LOL, but where did you get the little wooden set that has the 2 people, teepees, and bear from? Those are too cute!

  36. 36

    Hi SueAnn! Thank you so much for your sweet compliment! That is the Happy Campers Playset from Trae Designs. She makes the cutest things – I also used her little cactus playset for my son’s first birthday decor! You can find them at

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    Hi Courtney, I am in love with this nursery! Do you know where the curtain rod came from?

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