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Brody & Kolby’s Birthday Party


My little ones are ten months apart and wanted to have a joint birthday party. We pulled some of our favorite books from our home library and thought a party "inspired" by Dr. Seuss would be a huge hit. Needless to say, my "Thing 1 & Thing 2" and their friends had a ball!

Design Inspiration

When it came time to celebrate the kid's birthday, we wanted to create something that was fun for all those involved. Given their ages, we needed something that would capture the attention of toddlers, parents, and grandparents. We also needed to create something that catered to those with allergies, as some of the attendees suffered from a variety of food allergies.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is a bit all over the map. I love a monocromatic look with something truly bold and unexpected to mix things up. I try to incorporate things that are meaningful to all those involved. All of these things combined, make conversation pieces.

Project Details

Etsy was my saving grace! I was able to find so many wonderful peices for the party. Kim, from Modern BeBe, was a wonderful resource and inspiration. Also, "justamantha" made the 'thing 1 & thing 2" t-shirts and a matching tutu and hair bow for my daughter. They were simply priceless! "FunFavors" made the beautiful cookies and marshmellows and Amanda Oakleaf created the birthday cake. For the most part, everything else was "dairy and nut free" and they were made by yours truly! It took two days to bake and probably an extra few pounds on my body, but the end result was worth it. 

Favorite Items

My favorite item was integrating Dr. Suess quotes throughout the party.  In particular, we placed a sticker on the boxes of the party favors that read  "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happen." Given all the smiles on the kids faces, that pretty much summed it up.


Plan ahead and pick a theme. Target sells tons of party items throughout the year for $1.00 a piece. Also, think of your audience and be prepared. You want to make sure there is something for everyone to eat and enjoy.


Tuesday 1st of February 2011

Haha, the Thing 1 and Thing 2 sure added some humor into things. Love the simplicity of the theme. It fits a shared birthday party.