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Broderick’s Transitional Pop of Color Nursery


When we were planning for the arrival of our first baby, we knew we really didn't want a theme but we wanted a colorful, fun, functional space that would grow with our little guy. We love where we ended up - and it is still one of our favorite rooms in the house!

Design Inspiration

We knew we didn't want to repaint the former guest room but wanted lots of color for our new little one. When we found the Land of Nod lampshades, they were the perfect color inspiration!

Decorating Style

I like to mix old and new, high and low, with a neutral backdrop and fun pops of color.

Project Details

Our nursery started out with the crib found at and the thrift store dresser, painted turquoise after finding out we were having a boy, along with the wooden rocking chair and rocking horse that were in my husband's nursery. Once we knew we were decorating for a little boy, we found the lamp shades, which are no longer available, on Land of We also got the two shelves from Land of We liked that they are perfect to hold toys now but there is a desk attachment available for them that makes them transitional as Broderick grows. We decided to use the dresser as the diaper changing table as well to save space. Along with the rocking chair, we added a comfy chair and ottoman from IKEA for late night feedings. Later, it is the perfect reading chair - so we added two shelves from IKEA along with the Pottery Barn Kids book caddy I found on Craigslist to house all of the books. The yellow table was a thrift store find we painted for more color and fun storage - and of course a reading lamp. The rug was a steal with a Groupon for along with an 80% off sale - 100% wool rug we got for just $75! The curtains were in the room when it was a guest room and my mom and I just added green pompom fringe from Jo-Ann Fabrics to the edge for more color. We removed the closet door (no pinched fingers!) and painted it a fun green. We treat it as an extension of the room and as Broderick gets older, we have talked about making it a fort or nook of some kind. The wooden growth chart was a DIY with decals from Etsy. The artwork in the room is a mix of stuff we had, stuff we made, and some special pieces that were created for us. The frames were thrift store finds painted in the room colors. The giant clips mean artwork can be changed out in a flash. The ABC art is from Target. The two prints behind the rocking chair my husband loved and are from IKEA. The green B and felted ball garland are both Etsy finds. The art behind the chair was Broderick's first Christmas present from a dear friend who is a graphic designer. The pieces in the collage arrangement over the dresser are photos that were taken during our announcement shoot, my husband's silhouette as a baby, word art I created, a print from Target, a mirror we painted, Broderick's hospital bracelet, and a piece I painted. The baskets in the nursery are from HomeGoods, the wooden bins are from Target as are the colorful mini suitcases and felt bins for small storage, and the 123 bins are from IKEA. The overhead light is from the Young House Love line at Shades of Light. You can find links to all these products as well as see where the inspiration came together on my Pinterest Board.

Favorite Items

This is a hard one! I'm not sure I have just one favorite item but I love how all of my favorites came together to create a warm, fun, colorful space for our little one to come home to and grow.