Bright and Whimsical Nursery for Colette

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I scoured Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and fell in love with this wallpaper!  Once that was determined, I completed the room with budget-friendly finds from Target, Ikea, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Etsy.  I love how it turned out and can't wait to bring our baby girl home in a couple of weeks!


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    OH That’s What I thought. I just picked up the sample the other day. It’s nice to see in a full room. Love it. Thank u.

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    You’re so welcome! I loved seeing it in other rooms before we took the plunge. It really is a beautiful color!

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    This is beautiful! Where did you get the crib? And the eyelash pillow, eyelash jewelry box, and porcelain swan?

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    Lola Marie, I’m actually not sure where the crib is from. I was very lucky to get it brand new from my SIL but she got it years ago. The eyelash pillow and jewelry box are from Hobby Lobby. The swan was a TJ Maxx find.

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    It’s from The Land of Nod, linked in the sources (right column on desktop, scroll down below comments on mobile).

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    love! Where is the ottoman/pouf from? Sorry, if I’m missing a product link for that somewhere!?

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    Is the wall paper totally gone? I went to the link initially and it worked, but now it doesn’t and I can’t find the comments on here anymore. Bummer because we bought a ton of stuff (several hundred dollars worth) to match it just needed my husbands help measuring the walls. Anyone else have better luck!? So disappointed!

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    Hi Kristin, It’s from The Land of Nod. Exact link is in the sources (right column on desktop, below comments on mobile).

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    Hi Beth, I didn’t see these in the linked sources, where are the little hat holders/pedestals from? So cute! Thanks so much!

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    Lisa, my mom actually made them using some supplies from the woodcraft aisle at Hobby Lobby, a craft store near us. I’ve seen very similar ones at the Beaufort Bonnet Company.

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    I don’t see where the wallpaper is from. Can you leave the link or information in the comments section? Beautiful nursery!!

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    can you please provide link to where we can find the wall paper? You mention there is a link to the right of the pic, but don’t see anything and it is not on the project nursery website. thanks!!

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