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Bright and Whimsical Nursery for Colette


I scoured Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and fell in love with this wallpaper!  Once that was determined, I completed the room with budget-friendly finds from Target, Ikea, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Etsy.  I love how it turned out and can't wait to bring our baby girl home in a couple of weeks!

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  1. avatar Adriana says:

    My wall is 12×8 and want to order the walpaper from staunton. How long did everyone wait for it to arrive? And how much was it?

  2. avatar Emily says:

    Hi there! Does anyone know where I can find a similar rocking chair?

  3. avatar Stani says:

    Where is the wallpaper from?

  4. avatar Rebecca says:

    I know the post is a little old, but was anyone able to find a similar wallpaper since it looks like the original is sold out/discontinued. Thanks so much!

  5. avatar Chloe says:

    I’ve posted photos of the wallpaper in my nursery on my Instagram: @chlo_84

    Purchased from here from here:

  6. avatar Lisa Robel says:

    I bought this wallpaper from the etsy shop, Dreamyhomeco. You have to send her a pic and ask for it specifically. Or you can get it here

  7. avatar Lexii Kennedy says:

    Where’s the wallpaper from please

  8. avatar Paula Chadek says:

    Where can I purchase the wallpaper?

  9. avatar Kate says:

    Is there a link to the curtains you purchased from Amazon? Also, where did the trim come from? Thank you!!

  10. avatar Megan says:

    I loved this wallpaper so much, I commissioned an artist to paint it for me. I then used a local sign & graphics company, who I’ve had do other projects for me. They took the painting I had done and turned it into a custom wallpaper for me. If you email I’m sure he can send you pictures of the final product and get you pricing for producing it for you.

  11. avatar Lynne McMahon says:

    Becky & Chloe, Ive just today purchased this wallpaper from Staunton & Henry….. My little girls feature wall is quite long so was a tad expensive (4.23m 😣) would love to see a few IRL pics of their wallpaper, really hoping its as beautiful as Jennifer original paper from Esty 🤞🏻do u have pics up on your insta? Or wud u mind sending me a pic via insta? @lynneydoyle

  12. avatar Chloe says:

    Hi everyone!!! I purchased this from Staunton and Henry! I just uploaded a pic and video to my insta story (with more pics to come once the room is done) if you want to check it out @chlo_84 happy to answer any questions about it. I love it!!!!!

  13. avatar Sharlene says:

    Where is the wall paper from?

  14. avatar Jennifer Young says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t remember the exact brand/color. I bought it at Hobby Lobby, a general craft store, and it was just metallic gold spray paint. It was probably Rustoleum or Krylon.

  15. avatar Lauren says:

    Halfway through the project! Can you tell me specifically what spray paint/color you used for the IKEA shelf brackets? Was it something from Home Depot or Amazon by chance?

  16. avatar Chloe says:

    I want to see pics Becky 😍

  17. avatar Becky says:

    Chloe, for one wall which was about 2.8m wide, I paid around £270.00

  18. avatar Lauren says:

    Becky – about how much did it cost?

  19. avatar Chloe says:

    Omg Becky I’d love to see pics – can you Instagram me? Lol @chlo_84

  20. avatar Becky says:

    Chloe, choose 9 and it says to write in the comments box the exact measurements of your wall so they can custom fit it perfectly for you.

    I just bought it from them a few weeks ago and put it up in my daughter’s room, it’s beautiful!

  21. avatar Chloe says:

    I’m so confused on how much I order from Staunton and Henry. I need 8.4m2 so do I select quantity as 9?

  22. avatar dhruvi says:

    where is that wall paper from???

  23. avatar Samantha says:

    Where is the wallpaper from?

  24. avatar Lindsay says:

    Lauren. My wall is the same size. That’s how much it is going to be !! Does anyone know the actual name of the wallpaper I’m going to try to find it somewhere else

  25. avatar Lauren says:

    Lindsay – I have not, but we painted today and we’re ready to buy the wallpaper. I’m slightly confused at the measurements though. Our wall is 9×11 feet. I’m hoping I messed up on the math (ft to m) and it’s not going to be close to $600!

  26. avatar Lindsay says:

    Has anyone ordered the wallpaper from Staunton and Henry? I’m afraid to order it since it’s coming from Hong Kong !!

  27. avatar Amanda says:

    Hi there I love the chair may I ask where you got it from?

  28. avatar Jennifer Young says:

    Someone posted a link for the wallpaper a few comments up, from Staunton and Henry. The curtains are from Amazon and my sister sewed pom pom trim on them.

  29. avatar Andrea says:

    Has anyone been able to find this wallpaper? Looks like the company is now associated with crate and barrel and I can’t find it through either company 🙁

  30. avatar lindsay says:

    Where are the curtains from?!

  31. avatar Sarah Leonard says:

    Where did you get the beautiful wallpaper from?

  32. avatar Patty says:

    Where are the curtains from?

  33. avatar Angela says:

    Where can I get this wallpaper?

  34. avatar Mass says:

    Were is wallpaper from? Please

  35. avatar Lauren says:

    Where is the crib from?

  36. avatar Lauren says:

    Where is wallpaper from? Love it!

  37. avatar Becky says:

    I found the wallpaper!

    It has to come from Hong Kong but it is available. Just going to measure up and place my order. So excited :D

  38. avatar Jennifer Young says:

    Lauren, we just spray painted them gold.

  39. avatar Lauren says:

    How did you get the IKEA brackets to be that brass color?

  40. avatar Becky says:

    Thank you jennifer! Have just messaged her 😊

  41. avatar Jennifer says:

    Susan Windsor, thank you so much! I adore your bunny print and it looks perfect in her room!

  42. avatar Kate says:

    Thank you!!

  43. avatar Jennifer Young says:

    Melissa, the pink basket was from H&M.

  44. avatar Jennifer Young says:

    I believe you can contact DreamyWall through Instagram @dreamy9lyfe.

  45. avatar Becky says:

    DreamyHomeCo shop in Etsy doesn’t exist either.

  46. avatar Becky says:

    I am dying to find that wallpaper/mural but none of the links in the comments work :( Anyone know where it can actually be found??

  47. avatar Lisa says:

    Hi Christine, I bought my wallpaper from the etsy shop, DreamyHomeCo. Hope this helps.

  48. avatar Christine says:

    Links. Not kinks, lol

  49. avatar Christine says:

    I know this has been asked but, none of the kinks for the wall paper are working. Any insight as to where to get it? It says the Etsy seller doesn’t exist.

  50. avatar Danielle says:

    I just received the wallpaper from dreamy wall on Etsy! It’s perfect! I just did one wall….I did receive a
    Discount which helped! So excited to hang it!!

  51. Oh wow! I was just skimming Pinterest and noticed my bunny art print here. It looks perfect in this room. Everything is lovely! 😊

  52. avatar Chelsea says:

    Where is the wallpaper from? Link?

  53. avatar Kate C. says:

    Hi! Where did you get your curtain rod? Thank you!

  54. avatar Melissa says:

    Where is the pink knit basket from beside the rocking chair/accent table?

  55. avatar Jennifer Young says:

    Laura, the wall color is sea salt by Sherwin Williams. Kelsey, I bought the rocker about 4 years ago from a local furniture store. I’m not sure of the brand but was able to choose the fabric.

  56. avatar Kelsey says:

    Where is the rocker from? Thank you! :)

  57. avatar Laura says:

    Hi! What is the brand name and colour of the walls ? Thanks!

  58. avatar Nona says:

    Where is your accent wall paper from? So cute!!

  59. avatar Lisa says:

    HI Ceceila,

    For mine, yes they adapted it to fit the size of my wall.

  60. avatar Cecilia says:

    Hi! I have a question about the wallpaper. I found out it is a mural really, so my query is: do you get the whole design adapted to the size of your wall? Meaning the size of the pattern will change to fit to the size of the wall?

  61. avatar Alyssa says:

    Where is this wall paper from? Beautiful job!

  62. avatar Lisa says:

    Deidre and Fer,

    Read a few comments up, I left the link and info on the wallpaper.

  63. avatar Deidre says:

    The wall paper is fabulous. I haven’t been able to find anything like it. Can you tell me where you got it from?

  64. avatar Fer says:

    Hello! where can I get the wallpaper?

  65. avatar Deidre says:

    where is the wallpaper from?

  66. avatar Lisa says:

    HI Mary,

    Yikes! That is expensive! For reference, I bought the wallpaper from her for $160 and the wall size was 140 inches wide x 43 inches high. I choose the smaller wall and half of it has wainscoting so that also cut down on the price.

  67. avatar Mary says:

    Lisa left the link above a few comments ago. Just a heads up I emailed the lady and for one wall it’s going to be 400 dollars. Kinda pricey.

  68. avatar Ashley says:

    Where is the wallpaper from?

  69. avatar Victoria says:

    Hello! Where did you get the brown chair? I need one just like it!

  70. avatar Grunder says:

    Where i can find the tapestry please?

  71. avatar Kay says:

    Thank you Lisa!

    I messaged her too! Fingers crossed! :)

  72. avatar Lisa says:

    Hi Kay,

    Yes I did hear back from her next day and have ordered the wallpaper for my baby girls nursery. There is a slight delay because she is in Shanghi. But other than that she was really great to work with.


  73. avatar Kay says:

    did you ever hear anything back from that shop? I messaged her as well and didn’t get a response.


  74. avatar Lisa says:

    Hi All! I was able to find this wallpaper, the original etsy seller referred me to this seller: I messaged her and am awaiting a quote. Thought I would pass this along as there has been so much interest in this wallpaper.


  75. avatar Brittany says:

    Where did you purchase your wallpaper from! I am in love!!

  76. avatar Beth says:

    Thank you, Mila! I am loving this wallpaper, such a bummer it is sold out!

  77. avatar Mila says:

    For anyone who’s looking for the wallpaper: It seems to be sold out though.

  78. avatar amber says:

    can you please provide link to where we can find the wall paper? You mention there is a link to the right of the pic, but don’t see anything and it is not on the project nursery website. thanks!!

  79. avatar Nicole says:

    I would love to know where the wallpaper is from. I don’t see a link. Thank you!

  80. avatar Aida says:

    Hi where the wallpaper is from?

  81. avatar Katie says:

    Gorgeous nursery! Where are the curtains from? Thanks!

  82. avatar Lisa M Robel says:

    Thanks Jennifer!!!!

  83. avatar Kelly says:

    I don’t see where the wallpaper is from. Can you leave the link or information in the comments section? Beautiful nursery!!

  84. avatar Jennifer says:

    Lisa, my mom actually made them using some supplies from the woodcraft aisle at Hobby Lobby, a craft store near us. I’ve seen very similar ones at the Beaufort Bonnet Company.

  85. avatar Beth says:

    This one looks similar. There are also some on Etsy. Try searching wooden hat stand.

  86. avatar Lisa says:

    Hi Beth, I didn’t see these in the linked sources, where are the little hat holders/pedestals from? So cute! Thanks so much!

  87. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Kristin, It’s from The Land of Nod. Exact link is in the sources (right column on desktop, below comments on mobile).

  88. avatar Cassie says:

    Is the wall paper totally gone? I went to the link initially and it worked, but now it doesn’t and I can’t find the comments on here anymore. Bummer because we bought a ton of stuff (several hundred dollars worth) to match it just needed my husbands help measuring the walls. Anyone else have better luck!? So disappointed!

  89. avatar Kristin says:

    love! Where is the ottoman/pouf from? Sorry, if I’m missing a product link for that somewhere!?

  90. avatar Beth says:

    It’s from The Land of Nod, linked in the sources (right column on desktop, scroll down below comments on mobile).

  91. avatar Beth says:

    It’s from IKEA, linked in the sources (right column on desktop, scroll down below comments on mobile).

  92. avatar Jennnifer says:

    Where is the ceiling light from?! Love it!!!!!

  93. avatar Miche says:

    Where is the pink foot stool from?

  94. avatar Barb says:

    Where’s the wallpaper from?

  95. avatar Eva says:

    Thank you!

  96. avatar Beth says:

    It’s from Target! You can find it linked in the sources.

  97. avatar Eva says:

    Hi where is the side table from

  98. avatar Cassie says:

    Thank you Jennifer!!!

  99. avatar Jennifer says:

    Cassie, the lamp is from Target (edris floor lamp)

  100. avatar Jennifer says:

    Lola Marie, I’m actually not sure where the crib is from. I was very lucky to get it brand new from my SIL but she got it years ago. The eyelash pillow and jewelry box are from Hobby Lobby. The swan was a TJ Maxx find.

  101. avatar Jennifer says:

    Nattie17, all of the shelves are from ikea.

  102. avatar Cassie says:

    Where is the gold lamp from?

  103. avatar Stephanie says:

    Could you share where the eyelash pillow is from? Thanks
    Beautiful Room!!!!

  104. avatar Lola Marie says:

    This is beautiful! Where did you get the crib? And the eyelash pillow, eyelash jewelry box, and porcelain swan?

  105. avatar Nattie17 says:

    Where are the shelves from?

  106. avatar Jennifer says:

    You’re so welcome! I loved seeing it in other rooms before we took the plunge. It really is a beautiful color!

  107. avatar Robyn says:

    Where is the wallpaper from??

  108. avatar Leighton says:

    OH That’s What I thought. I just picked up the sample the other day. It’s nice to see in a full room. Love it. Thank u.

  109. avatar Jennifer says:

    The wall color is sea salt by Sherwin Williams.

  110. avatar leighton says:

    wall colour please