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Boy’s Dream Baseball Room


My son asked for a new baseball room for his 7th birthday, so my husband and I decided to surprise him while he was away on a small camping trip with his grandparent's. I knew I wanted to make the room kid friendly, yet classy, so that he could enjoy it now and also as he gets older.

The process:  First, I painted the walls, ceiling and trim. Second, we purchased large faux brick panels from Lowes for the accent wall. I didn't particularly care for the red and black color that came on the panels, but I loved the look of the brick, so I decided to whitewash and sand them down to make the bricks look more realistic. After we hung the panels, we added a "dugout" to serve as the focal point for the room. In the dugout I created a desk for my son that looks like an old-worn bench. I carried the same wood over to the left side of the room and used it as wall shelves to tie the areas together. The wood was reclaimed from my husband's grandparent's old barn. The poles are wood spindles that I spray painted with silver paint, so they would look like the metal legs that are typically on a dugout bench.  I also painted the stool that goes with it. I found it at a yard sale for $3 and it was the perfect fit! I then found the lockers at another yard sale for $25 each. I cleaned them up, painted them black and now they serve as excellent place to store toys!  I re-did the chest-of-drawers, too. The previous owners left it, so thankfully it was free! I wanted it to go along with the locker theme, so I painted it black and added numbers to it. As far as the accent pieces go, I made my son a large scoreboard to hang over his bed and carried the theme over to the sign that is also in his dugout. The scoreboard has chalkboard slats on it, so he can actually write on it if he wants! Both items make a huge impact and the scoreboard is functional! Win - win! I "fluffed" the room with a few sentimental items that date back 4 generations in our families, such as the ball gloves, an umpire counter, baseballs, bats, etc.  For a few other special touches, I added 1, 2, 3 (strikes you're out) baseball hat hangers, baseball knobs on the doors, a baseball lamp, bedding and a couple of cute pictures of him and his t-ball teams.

It was such a fun room to redo and it was pocket friendly since we did all of the work ourselves. Plus, most of the items were reclaimed or I purchased them from yard sales. We all love to hang out in the room now! I definitely think we hit it out of the park!


Monday 3rd of February 2020

This room is adorable! Where did you get the shelves for the knickknacks?! My son has so much baseball memorabilia and these are great!


Friday 27th of December 2019

where is the scoreboard from?


Sunday 3rd of November 2019

Hi where did you get the green rug? It’s a perfect match to grass! Love it

Jennifer Peterson

Saturday 7th of September 2019

I absolutely LOVE this room. Trying to see if we can duplicate it for our two boys... unfortunately my husband isn't handy when it comes to these DIY projects... wish I could hire y'all :)

Chelsey Harris

Monday 3rd of June 2019

Do you happen to have the link for the comforter. I looked on zulilly and can not find it?