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Big Boy Garbage Truck Room


Since he could walk, my son has been OBSESSED with garbage trucks. I admittedly cringe at the idea of an overly "themey" room, and especially when garbage trucks of all things are the theme (ha!), but I think we made it work when we moved him from his nursery to his big kid room and big boy bed! I love that the wall color (SW "Iron Ore") is an unexpected dramatic hue for a child's room, but mixed with several pops of color and details that are near and dear to my two-and-a-half-year-old's heart, this space has become one of my favorites in the house!  From newspapers stuffed into his lamp to blowing up a photo of his with "his" neighborhood truck on an engineer's print, I love how we incorporate his favorite things in here (trash, essentially!), while keeping it stylish! See more at!


Tuesday 4th of January 2022

what a cute idea!! my 2 year old is OBSESSED with trash trucks, too!! :)