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Bella’s Lemonade Birthday Party


After having 2 boys I was so excited to finally be able to plan a girly party! After much debate on the theme of her party & changing my mind once or maybe five times, I decided on a Lemonade theme. I chose the obvious yellow & pink colors but added a pretty robin’s egg blue for a pop. I had a kids food table with bite size PB&J sandwiches, turkey & cheese sandwiches, fruit cups, & mini chip bags. My thought was to make the food small & portable for  easy picnic style dining outside on the lawn. I decorated the table with a pretty pink fabric that I had used for her newborn pictures & the box her cake was sitting on was also from here newborn pictures. Repurposing items I already have is such a money saver & I love that they were used for both newborn & 1st birthday celebrations! The "grown up" table had bite size cucumber sandwiches, 4 dips (salsa, guacamole, ranch, & spinach dip), along with fruit cups. For dessert we served strawberry cupcakes with pink buttercream icing & vanilla cupcakes with yellow icing, I wanted to serve lemon cupcakes but my boys vetoed me as vanilla is their favorite. My mom helped me decorate the cupcakes & I decorated Bella’s cake. I found an old ugly dresser on Facebook marketplace & repurposed it into her lemonade stand with a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & new vintage hardware I found on Easy.  I served raspberry lemonade, plain yellow lemonade, & orange cucumber infused water. My mom is an amazing artist & drew the lemon welcome sign on the chalkboard. Bella’s high chair also came off Facebook marketplace & I spray painted it robin’s egg blue. One of my favorite DIY projects was the picture sign (I put all my fav pics from her 1st year) which is actually on old mattress frame off a crib I got for free off the nextdoor app. It was ugly & rusted so I spray painted it with the same paint I used on the high chair. I used pink clothespins & it really popped against the robin’s egg blue. The best part is after the party I hung it on the wall & thanks to the clothespins I can easily change out the pictures through the year. For favors I gave out lemon cookies in cute bags & little yellow pinwheels I found at hobby lobby that actually had lemons on them- score! My biggest tip when planning a party is to walk around your home & look for items that can be reused instead of buying something new. And don't be afraid to think outside the box & repurpose the item in an unexpected way such as a dresser as a beverage station. I’ve included links to where I purchased everything on my blog