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Beau’s Monochrome Nursery


I was very attracted to a monochrome room for my baby boy since the color scheme looks crisp, fresh and clean. I started with white walls and accented with one grey wall. I originally wanted wallpaper, but I found these amazing bicycle decals which were easy to apply and will be easy to remove one day when he's ready for a refresh. I found prints for the walls from Etsy with pops of color here and there. I wanted the room to be cheeky and fun. I'm really into pandas so I custom ordered these adorable panda closet handles and have other panda and bear accents in the room. One of my favorite accents are these little peg people from Peg and Pin with Beau's name on them. I'm so excited to bring my little guy into this playful oasis.

margaret skaritka

Saturday 17th of June 2017

I absolutely Love this nursery for a baby boy. There is not a lot to choose from for baby boys but this proves that if you are a little creative you can make a boys' room as special as a girls' room but without the ribbons and bows!! I love the color scheme. It is soft and relaxing and the pops of color add the right amount of balance. Thanks for the ideas!