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Bakery Playhouse Transformation


I recently scored a playhouse for free from another mom friend. It needed some love to say the least to get it to where they could play in it. I asked my girls what they wanted it to be and they both agreed they wanted a bakery. So I sanded it all down, did a whole lot of painting and gave it some pretty whimsical little touches. My mom sewed up custom aprons, oven mitts and curtains from tablecloths I found at Target. I made a mini whisk chandelier, door mat, recipe holder from an old strawberry container & even a matching mailbox. My husband built a small oven to go under the counter. All paint & supplies came from The Home Depot. We added a floor out of plywood I sanded down and painted a light lavender with some glitter to it to make it sparkle. Once it was complete we invited some friends over for a Grand Opening Celebration. It was such a fun project and my girls love it!

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  1. avatar Briana says:

    Hi! I love this so much! What color did you paint the house?? Also do you have the link to that tablecloth you used for the curtains? It’s sooo cute! You did awesome!

  2. avatar Michelle says:

    How did you make the mailbox, I’m trying to do one for out playhouse

  3. avatar Kathy N Melman says:

    Awesome creation. Where can others find/order the mailbox?

  4. avatar Stephanie Wilson says:

    Hi! I’d love some more info on how you made the mailbox. It would be perfect for a dance prop that I need to make!

  5. avatar Elaine says:

    Where did you get the mailbox?

  6. avatar Beth says:

    So so adorable! Thanks for sharing!