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Bailey’s Room


A colorful, whimsical nursery with lots of visual stimulation for little Bailey.

Design Inspiration

The design is courtesy of my best friend, Chelsea Aldrich, who is an extremely talented interior designer and one of the most creative people I know (  We wanted to bring in lots of bright colors all around the room so that no matter where Bailey was looking, she'd find something interesting to look at, but we also wanted to bring in hints of nature (hence the trees and owls).

Project Details

DIY Projects:

1) Ceiling Panels - we did this by buying very inexpensive foam boards from Home Depot, cutting them up into the different sized squares, and covering them with different fabrics.  We attached them to the ceiling with velcro and hot glue at first, but they started falling off, so we reinforced them with nails.

2) Trees - my husband made these out of different sized cedar boards that we bought from Home Depot, and just making simple angled cuts for the branches.  He also notched out slots for small shelves and attached them with wood glue.

3) Wall Stripes - we painted gray and white stripes on one wall, and nailed on thin strips of wood to accentuate the stripes and add some texture.  We found a gray stain that we used on the wood strips, which turned out great and almost perfectly matched the gray wood of our crib.  Underneath the windows, we made the wood strips into bookshelves by bringing them out about an inch from the wall.

4) Dresser and Mirror - this was part of an old wooden furniture set that my mother-in-law had passed down to us. We just applied some deglosser and then painted them with oil-based paint, put on some new drawer pulls (from Hobby Lobby), and they turned out great!

5) Headboard - we made this by cutting out a piece of plywood to the shape we wanted, put some foam and batting over it, and covered it in a piece of fabric, stapling to the back. We also found some kits at Hobby Lobby to make your own fabric-covered buttons, which we used to create the tufted look.

Favorite Items

The ceiling and the trees are definitely the standout items for me because they make the room so unique and stimulating for Bailey. When I'm changing her, she loves looking up at all the colors on the ceiling!


Don't be afraid to go outside the box. When my friend Chelsea first pitched me the idea of the fabric ceiling panels, I wasn't so sure about it since it was different than anything I'd seen before, but it turned out to be fantastic.

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  4. avatar veronica says:

    I love this great for ugly ceilings I am going to do it in my craft room I rent so they can go with me when I leave..lolll

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  6. avatar Natalie says:

    What are the names and brands of the color pairs you used? It’s always hard to find a good orange. I love all the colors!

  7. avatar Natalie says:

    What are the names and brands of the color pairs you used? It’s always hard to find a good orange. I love all the colors!

  8. avatar gaby says:

    Love, love this room…and what a fun way to encourage reading..the colors are great and make me happy just by looking @ it :) !!! Way to go Chelsea :) !

  9. avatar Lisapeck says:

    Great design here! I just love how you put together all the colors here.

  10. avatar ajeyspopo says:

    i am loving this! makes me want to have another one! but i think I will just change it up a bit for my older daughters! thanks

  11. avatar Jackie de says:

    LOVE IT! Great Design Chelsea!!!

  12. avatar Sabrina-PN says:

    Congratulations on being of one our favorite picks of the week– you really did a great job!

  13. avatar Brianna Dale says:

    Very cool ceiling!

  14. avatar Sabrina-PN says:

    The ceiling panels are really fabulous– what a fantastic DIY idea!