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Baby M’s Nursery


We're working on a gender neutral nursery. We love reading, traveling, and all things vintage. Most everything, including the crib quilt, will be made by me.

These are our thoughts so far. Do you have any ideas for us?

Design Inspiration

The first picture is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child. I love how everything is shades of tan and linen fabric. This makes the art pop!


Monday 18th of June 2012

avalon, Thanks! I love the curtain rod too. It's Pottery Barn. I didn't have enough picture space to show that I'm making a quilt in primary colored, vintage fabrics. The quilt, mobile, framed Little Golden Books, and vintage toys are my bursts of color. Everything else is beige on beige. The room is small so I'm hoping that's enough color.


Monday 18th of June 2012

JenM: I love the curtain rod and the hangers. I think you should also opt for some burst of color somewhere to offset the monochromatic brown.


Saturday 16th of June 2012


Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see the end results! :)


Saturday 16th of June 2012


Yes, the dresser is ours. We bought it at an antique outlet. My husband stripped it and we’re painting it a “tanish” color. I’m definitely putting in some DIY time – I’m making the quilt, crib bumper, curtains, throw pillows, wall art, changing pad cover and wall shelf. Whew!


Saturday 16th of June 2012

RH Baby was also our inspiration for our nursery! Is there a RH outlet store near you? We were lucky to find our baby's bedding at one. But,she has two nurseries,one is at her grandparent's. So,we also bought her other bedding at the RH store,which was completely ridiculously priced! It was a splurge for us,but we wanted to build the room around it. We also found a fairly priced chandelier at RH that helped set the mood in the room. What I'm saying is,find some key pieces first. Think about what you really want for the room before purchasing anything! That was my mistake! Try not to be a compulsive shopper,because one can get a bit overzealous...well,I know I did! I like your inspirations,especially the antique looking ferris wheel. Is that dresser yours? Because,it's handsome-ly cute! I think you already know what you want and I'm liking it! Now,time to bargain hunt! Also,add some DIY pieces into the room. Always more special that way :)