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Baby in Rented Townhouse


My husband and I were temporarily living in DC when my son was born. Even though we were in a rental, and I knew we would be leaving in a year, I wanted to have a fun nursery. However, I did not want to do a lot of work that would have to be undone when we left. I decided not to paint the walls, but rather cut out white contact paper in tree branch shapes to create a little fun on the blah walls. We were on a very tight budget so all of the furniture either came from Craigslist (DC has a fabulous selection!) or Ikea.

Design Inspiration

No one inspiration. I decorated this room three years ago before I knew about Pinterest (love it!) so pretty much everything came from my head or rooms I had seen before. I wanted an eclectic feel.

Decorating Style

Eclectic. A little traditional and a little modern.

Project Details

The tree branches were cut from white contact paper so it would easily peel off the wall at the end of our lease.

I illustrated the letter cards. At the time we had not decided on our son's name so I did the letters of our last name, which suited me fine because I was able to fit a illustration of my dog, Ike, in for "I". Since my husband and I enjoy the outdoors I used that as a theme for the letter subjects.

The floor lamp came from

The rocking chair and ottoman are a Craigslist find from Pottery Barn.

The floating white shelf was purchased from the container store, but Ikea sells a very similar one.

Favorite Items

I love the very old pine dresser as a changing table. I think adding something old and beat up gives a space so much character.

Ceilidh Gray

Saturday 18th of August 2012

Such a beautiful room! Where is the blue shelving unit from?