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Baby Emmett’s Navy and Gray Nursery


I wanted to create a fun nursery for our first baby that can be easily converted into a little boy's room and the furniture (specifically couch and/or rug) can possibly be used in other rooms as well. We choose navy and gray as our main colors and chartreuse as an accent color. We ended up using different shades of light blues as well.

I loved Sissy and Marley wallpapers so that was one of the first items we choose. The crib and dresser came from Oeuf, and many of the accent items from Blabla Kids and RH Baby. The sofa, side table and rug are from Design Within Reach. I took time to research and carefully select each item. Later we decided to add a plant. My husband loved the idea of a fiddle leaf fig. To have something else green in the room, I found the bunny in the green overalls.

We had our baby on December 7. We love being in the nursery with him. The room is very peaceful and there is enough seating so that my husband and our moms can also be in the room with us at the same time.