Avyn’s Woodland First Birthday

  • 1/31
  • Woodland Dessert Table
  • Woodland Theme Birthday Invitations
  • 4/31
  • 5/31
  • Toad Stool Cupcakes Displayed on Tree Trunks
  • 7/31
  • 8/31
  • 9/31
  • Woodland Theme Birthday Cake
  • Owl Cookies
  • 12/31
  • 13/31
  • 14/31
  • 15/31
  • 16/31
  • 17/31
  • 18/31
  • 19/31
  • 20/31
  • 21/31
  • 22/31
  • 23/31
  • 24/31
  • Toad Stool Cupcakes on Moss Covered Cupcake Stand
  • 26/31
  • 27/31
  • 28/31
  • 29/31
  • 30/31
  • 31/31


This is a woodland themed first birthday party for Avyn.

Design Inspiration

I knew my days of choosing the theme for my son's birthday parties was going to be short lived, so I really ran with my enchanted woodland idea.  I wanted to evoke a mysterious and whimsical mood with forest creatures and gnomes!

Decorating Style

Whimsical Vintage Rustic

Project Details

As a custom invitation designer www.OldSoulCreative.com, of course I started my story telling with with Avyn's invitations; full of woodland creatures.  Then I made matching signage and fun framed labels for the drinks featuring each of the woodland characters I had created for his invitations. I kept the color scheme earthy with reds, browns and greens.

Among the treats at the desert table were owl cookies from almonds and oreos, red toad stool cupcakes, candy apples and acorn cookies!

I collected garden gnomes, mushrooms, moss, and pumpkins for months before his party.  My mother-in-law even packed an entire suitcase from Washington filled with various flora and fauna from the forest floor for me to decorate with.

I own an event styling and rentals company so I used a lot of my own props.

Favorite Items

As an illustrator, my favorite project was Avyn's custom invitation suite.


Think outside the box and collect along the way!


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