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Around the World with Baby Madeline


Madeline's nursery is meant to inspire her to reach well beyond the boundaries of her geography - let's go!

Design Inspiration

Other project nursery rooms inspired the wall stencils. The color palette had to feature orange - so we paired it with pink when we found out we were having a little girl. We lived overseas in England for three years, so all of the places on the walls, we've been to and all of the postcards, we collected, and the lamp is full of bills and coins from the countries we visited....

Decorating Style


Project Details

Almost everything is second-hand, from our home, or from discount stores. I handmade all of the cloth goods - quilts, curtains, pillows, bedding - from fabric found around town. The rug is from Macy's, the chair is from Ikea, the rest is from all over the place! Dresser - yard sale Desk - antique store Changing table - thrift store Black metal toy box - antique store Crib - consignments store Ottoman - handmade Stencils - handmade, handpainted Accessories - TJMaxx, Ross, thrift stores, eBay, or handmade

Favorite Items

The wall stencils, the lamp filled with currency, the colors, the crib skirt, the ottoman, the pillows, the vintage Spanish and French postcards, the vintage train case/luggage for storing books and toys, and the baby, of course!


I sketched out the fabric pairings before shopping. I also sketched out which furniture would go best with which walls. AND, I scoured Project Nursery for inspiration to do this on a budget!