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Archer’s Animalistic Nursery


When I found out we were having a baby, I knew - boy or girl - I wanted to use Sharon Montrose's photographs in the space! They are just so, so cute. But, more than cute, I wanted the nursery to be a comfy, cozy spot for Baby K, which meant Aden + Anais linens. The giraffes were perfect and - again - the linens would work for either gender. After the 20 week ultrasound, when we knew we were having a boy, I looked for ways to subtly introduce some "boyish" charm. The multi-tonal triangles were born (pun intended).

Design Inspiration

I read many blogs, including Project Nursery, and devour pinterest too. There was a lot of inspiration found here. But, the biggest bits of inspiration were those pieces I had to have in the room...the giant, Melissa & Doug giraffe, the jungle jam Aden + Anais print and the Sharon Montrose photographs.

Decorating Style

We live in a very small bungalow, which means we have to be purposeful about our choice of furniture pieces. Just as our ottoman has to double as storage, a changing table needs to be multifunctional too. That being said, you have to have fun with decorating, I think! Overall, I'd say my decorating style is DIY-vintage meets classic.

Project Details

Baby Animal Photographs: Sharon Montrose's work is cute and beautiful at the same time ... it was hard to chose only three! (Frames Ikea with custom-cut, white mats)
Book "Cases": These are actually made to be greeting card holders, but you can see they hold a lot of books.
Chalkboard Baskets: These are the perfect size for toys and dirty clothes
Crib: A classic, black Jenny Lind
Leonardo the Lion: A gift that fits perfectly on the vintage chairs my sister-in-law found at the local Goodwill for $10
Plush Giraffe: An affordable, large statement item that was a must have
Rug: A zebra inspired grey chevron

Other Items:
Cotton Muslin Crib Sheet, Blanket and Changing Pad Cover in Jungle Jam/Giraffe: Amazon
Curtains and pillow in rocker: IKEA
Brass Rino, lamp and throw: Target
Rocker: A last minute splurge, this chair is tight for some but perfect for me - I found it at buybuybaby

Favorite Items

My favorite "item" isn't really an's the chalkboard wall! My sister and I did the current piece that's featured. But, at my shower, a friend gifted us a painting of a mother and baby giraffe (the composition includes mostly their heads and necks). We plan on hanging it on the chalkboard wall and having her come draw the rest of their bodies coming out of the painting onto the chalkboard! It's going to be the finishing touch for the room.


I found a lot of great deals (and used gift cards) to make this room possible. For example, drapes were necessary, but they weren't a focal point. I chose a simple, inexpensive IKEA set that are still sweet and work perfectly. This allowed me to include a few splurges, without busting the bank. These splurges were dedicated to things I felt were must-haves - there is nearly $200 worth of paint in this room!

Stephanie Parton

Friday 20th of September 2013

It's beautiful CJean517. I love everything, especially the vintage chairs and Montrose photographs. Stephanie


Friday 6th of September 2013

So Cute! I love the pictures above the crib! Where did you get the bear in the crib? I have one like that also. It was my son's from when he was a baby. 34 years old!


Saturday 7th of September 2013


The bear was my husbands, when he was small! He's also over 30 years old...he's likely the same bear :) ours is named Randy Dandy and he's well loved.