Aqua, Gray, & Green Baby Boy Nursery

  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery1/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery2/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery3/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery4/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery5/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery6/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery7/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery8/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery9/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery10/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery11/12
  • Yellow, Gray and Aqua Nursery12/12


For our baby boy, I wanted something fun and light and whimsical, with lots of color.  I love blues and greens, and I fell in love with the Riley Blake aqua chevron fabric on Etsy.  Hours were spent on Pinterest and looking for the perfect everything, while keeping a slight budget in mind and spending money where it counted.  Another challenge was the room - two walls of windows, doors on the other walls, and duct work creating difficult corners.  Everything had to be measured exactly for this to work!

Design Inspiration

Discovering custom bedding on Etsy really opened up a whole new world for nursery ideas, colors and patterns.  I kept gravitating towards the aqua-gray-green color scheme, and mixed and matched several different sellers.  Most of the other ideas came from Pinterest - from the bench seating, to finding nursery art, to displaying books on picture ledges.

Decorating Style

Simple, with personality.  I love bringing in items that we love or items from places that we love.

Favorite Items

I fell in love with the reversible chevron quilt on Etsy and the green modern graphic rug with roads.

I also love the gray stuffed dog that looks (sort of) like our mixed breed schnauzer.


- Follow a pattern for the bench seat cover (and always listen to your mom!)
- If you love something, check the return policy, and BUY IT.   It may sell out and you'll have to settle for something else.


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    I particularly love the various patterns you used — chevron, polka dots, and what’s the other pattern called?

  3. 3

    Just wondering how you like that chair? We are looking at getting the same one but with it being an online only item, I’m hesitant.

  4. 4

    We’ve had it a year now, and I love it. It’s held up well, and has hidden all the milk stains!

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  6. 6

    I’ve been looking at the Child Craft London crib but can’t seem to find a mattress with dimensions that match up to it. Where did you find yours?

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  8. 8
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  11. 11

    Hi! Where did you buy that rug?! I love it but can’t find it anywhere!!! Any help? Thanks!!

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