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American Frontier Nursery


A neutral space for Baby Highstreet, based on The American Frontier.  This nursery combines my love of fine art, Western art and colonial home decor.

Design Inspiration

A lot of things inspired this room:  my grandmother's love of Southwestern Fine Art, a print from my Grandfather of "Paul Revier's Midnight Ride," by N.C. Wyeth, and my love of Edgar Payne's Landscape Paintings.   I also used this Colonial/AmericanFrontier Pinboard I put together.

Decorating Style

In general I like:  A mix of Colonial, Country/Farmhouse, Rustic, Craftsman, Graphic Design-y, and Vintage Californian Decor with an emphasis on Original Art & Paintings.

Project Details

Almost all of our furniture is from IKEA - so this is definitely a low budget room!!!  Some of the original art and pencil drawings are my own, Mary Highstreet Studios.  I framed everything myself with modern block white frames from IKEA & Antique Gold Frames.  My husband added DIY touches too: like the horse hooks, the barn door, and the closet storage shelving.

Links to items used can be found here:

Original Post  &  Style Board

Find more of my Interior Design Style Boards and Fine Art Inspiration on my blog.

Favorite Items

I honestly cannot pick a favorite, I LOVE colonial and frontier decor & art!!  But here are a few top items:  Breyer Horse Bookend, Swing Arm Sconce in the Reading Nook, Mischa Sleeping Bunny Pillow, Vintage Painting Books...I could go on and on...


Stick with a uniform color palette. We used soft tones AND kept frames similar too: light colors, vintage and modern white or antiqued gold.  We used only white or linnen mattes on all our art.  Also, we keept Colonial decor and color palette ideas in mind and anything that didn't fit the theme or colors exactly was off-limits.  All the wood in the room is unfinished light wood paired with white (with the exception of the coca-cola crate).

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