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Amelia’s Girly Nursery


My husband and I loved creating this nursery for our little girl, Amelia Rose.  I wanted the nursery to be very girly and glamorous but have a whimsical theme as well! I had no idea how the two were going to go together, so I started researching ideas. My husband is very handy, so when I came across pictures of wood striped walls..I knew it was something that had to be in her room!  Most of the wood striped walls I found online were in little boys rooms, so I started thinking of ways I could make the wall girly. I thought it would be really neat to create a white washed wood wall in the nursery with pink behind it. My husband did a wonderful job making that vision come to life! The wood wall turned out more beautiful than I could ever imagined! When it came time to search for cribs, I was almost certain that I wanted a white crib. Who doesn't love a beautiful white crib? But the minute I saw the pewter iron crib, I knew I had to have it! It was so different and unique!  I think the dark crib looks amazing sitting in front of the white wood wall! I started searching for the perfect mobile that I could hang over it, but because the style for her room is so unique... I couldn't find anything that I liked! My husband and I were bored one Saturday night and decided to make a trip to hobby lobby. I have to give him credit, the mobile was his idea! He started picking up a bunch of different stuff and went home and put it together! Who has the best husband ever? ;) I added the chandelier,  white dresser, and wardrobe closet to add glam! The sign hanging above her crib was from a company on etsy  "Dear Heart Signs". They did a fabulous job! I could't be more happy with the way Amelia's nursery turned out! We were able to incorporate our own style and to me that is what makes it so special!  I will always love this nursery because of the time my husband and I spent together creating it! My nursery dreams really did come true!

Kelsi Kelley

Instagram: KelsiKelley1

Erin Bush

Monday 30th of January 2017

What a beautiful room! And that crib! Where did you get it?