Alligator Nursery

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The day I found out I was having a boy I knew the exact color I wanted to paint his room. I also knew that I wanted lots of color so I incorporated it with his drapes and wall art. From the moment I spotted the alligator bedding I was hooked on it without even looking back.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was the alligator bedding that I found. I bought it the day they told me I was having a boy. From there I decided what color to paint. I got many great ideas on Etsy which is where all of his wall art is from. I wanted something that was nautical, preppy, yet 100% boy.


Decorating Style

I have always loved nautical themes and though everyone told me not to buy anything white I love something that feels clean and crisp which is why I bought all white furniture.

Project Details

The alligator bedding, crib, rocking chair and curtains are all from pottery barn kids as well as the wall hook. The wall art is all from and his changer/dresser is from Land of the Nod. I found a shop on Etsy that made my mobile based on my color scheme.  The large H is from Anthropologie


Favorite Items

His wall letter H from Anthropologie and his mobile.



I find that it can be hard to put all your ideas into a room and at times your mind changes. I kept something similar to a scrap book for ideas that I would paste different items in. The entire 9 months my mind had changed on ideas that I liked until about 2 months before my due date. Thats when I took all my favorite ideas and put them together to create his nursery


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    very pretty the paint and the colors you choose in every thing…..

    even i want to buy a white crib but in dilemma whether to buy or not…becoz every1 keeps telling later a white ful size bed will not look good….really don’t know which i will buy..

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    I love white with everything because it just looks clean. Sometimes you just have to go with what you like and not always listen to everyone :) People kept telling me not to buy a white rocking chair so I kept looking for other colors but my eye was always drawn to white…but I bought the kind you can wash

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    Very nice! I am thinking of doing the exact same color scheme for my son’s room. What color/brand paint did you use?

  8. 8

    Its Benjamin Moore. The color is New York State of Mind. When we first started painting I was a bit nervous that it may be to dark but it turned out great. We also get a lot of sunlight in the room which lightens it up. Very happy with the color.

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    My mom bought it from a boutique when she was in Michigan. But I am sure you could have someone on etsy make something like it for you.

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    can you tell me where on Etsy you purchased your mobile. I have the same bedding for my little boy and would like the mobile!!

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    Hi there, I love the striped blanket that is shown on the rocking chair above- do you remember where it’s from? Thanks

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