Soft and Elegant Gray and Pink Nursery

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  • Soft and Elegant Gray and Pink Nursery
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A feminine, romantic nursery in shades of soft pink, gray, and white with crystal accents, and vintage inspired accessories.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a nursery that was feminine and classic and that wasn't too babyish so Adalyn could grow into it.  At first all I really knew is that I definitely wanted to use gray.  I really found my inspiration when I came across the chandelier and a swatch of the gray and white damask fabric that is used in the bedding.

Decorating Style

My style is a mix of classic and romantic.  I have to have a touch of crystal in pretty much every room. :)

Project Details

First of all, photography: Korie Lynn Photography


Crib: Simmons Santiago White Ambiance Crib N More


Dresser: Simmons Santiago White Ambiance Double Dresser (I replaced the white knobs that the dresser came with with crystal knobs that I actually found online from Lowes.)


Hutch: Simmons Santiago White Ambiance Double Hutch


Bookcase: Pottery Barn Kids


Glider and Ottoman: Little Castle in Valetti Silver


Mirrored side table: Target


Chandelier: Mia Chandelier Pottery Barn Kids


Bedding: Custom made by Polkatots


Drapes: Onlylinens on


Gray and white damask throw pillow: JCarterHandmade on


Pink throw pillow with white rose: Bedbuggs on


Frames above crib: Hobby Lobby and Michael's


Lamp: Home Goods (I added the pink ribbon and the rose on the shade)


Mirrors: Hobby Lobby


Accessories: I collected them from various places


Bow holder frame:  That was a pinterest project.  I bought a frame from Hobby Lobby, painted it white and stapled and hot glued the ribbon onto it.  Super easy!


Giraffe: Melissa and Doug Toys (That was a gift from grandpa :))


Gray Paint: Sherwin Williams "Knitting Needles"


Pink Paint: Glidden Pofessional custom mix.  Color came from an ICI paint deck, as Glidden Professional used to be ICI.  The color is a mix between "Almost Pink" and "Cradle Pink."


Favorite Items

My favorite items in the room are the gallery wall above the crib, the chandelier, and the fabrics.


Come up with a plan before before you start purchasing items.  It's important to find furniture and accessories that will work in your space.  As far as style, find what inspires you and build off of that.


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    So soft, sweet and feminine! My fave is the changing table/dresser and the decorative accessories you placed on the shelves (especially those 3 can canisters with the white ceramic bird).  

  6. 6

    The bedding that you got, by any chance do you remember which name it was? I love the settle pink in this room and exactly what we are looking for our little girl?

  7. 7

    Hi Ashley, I tried to respond to your question a while ago but I’m not sure it went through, so I thought I’d try again. I actually custom designed the bedding using Polka Tots’ fabrics, so it isn’t one of their named sets. I can probably get you the order details if you don’t mind sending me an email at [email protected]. Thanks!

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    Are you happy with your bedding? Do you like the quality and fabric? Is it soft? I just designed something and noticed that its not cheap so I wanted to make sure that it was worth the money.

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    Gina, I am very pleased with the bedding and am happy with the quality. The pink fabric on the bumper is perhaps a little stiffer than I would like but I’m fine with it. I actually think it works well for a bumper, but I definitely wouldn’t have used it for something like a crib sheet. The fabic I chose for the crib sheet and blanket is very soft. You can order fabric samples from Polka Tots and I would recommend doing that before you spend the money to order your set. The fabrics I used are Large Damask Silver, Baby Pink, and Minky Dot Pale Pink.

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    It actually came from Hobby Lobby. It’s metal, not mirrored. I added the pink ribbon so it could be hung.

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    I am in love with this room, by far my favorite. By chance can you give me the exact name for the bedding you picked. I tried looking on Polka tots but can’t seem to find it. I’m expecting in September. Look forward to hearing from you. Or you can e-mail me. [email protected] (thanks again)

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    I purchased the mirror from Target last spring, so I don’t know if they would still have it. It’d be worth a look though.

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    I ordered the crib and dresser, as well as the chair and ottoman, through a store in the Houston area called Baby & Kids’ 1st Furniture.

  26. 26

    I purchased the canisters from Michael’s. They were in the seasonal section last spring.

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    I love this look, I’m thinking of doing something similar for my bedroom since I don’t have any more babies and won’t be having any more within the next year or so. :) Thanks for sharing your resources and advice!

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    Hi Sweetie. I am in loveeeee with this room. How did you do the custom bedding? I am on the Polka ToT designs site and looking now. Did you take the fabric to a seamstress? my email is [email protected]. If you dont mind just making the subject BEDDING so i know it is not spam. THANKS SO MUCHHHHH!!!

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    I am in love with this nursery… and just like everyone else, I would love to have the ordering details on this bedding. If you don’t care could you please send me info at [email protected] ? Thanks soo much!

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    Love everything about this! I went to get the mixture of the pink paint and they have discontinued the colors. Do you have any suggestions on a soft pink like the one you used because I am not having much luck picking out pretty samples! Also, could you send me your bedding info on exactly what you ordered?? Thanks so much!

  43. 43

    What a beautiful nursery. When you commented that “My style is a mix of classic and romantic. I have to have a touch of crystal in pretty much every room” you described my decorating style perfectly. I’m putting in a nursery for my first grandchild and you’ve given me some great ideas. Since there is some controversy over crib bumpers I’m wondering how long you used your crib bumpers and if you would have bought them again?

  44. 44

    I absolutely adore this room. I’ve been showing it to everyone as my inspiration for our baby nursery. I was just wondering if you knew what color/brand the carpet is?? We are having trouble finding something that matches nicely and it seems that in all the pictures I look at, they show wood floors.

  45. 45

    Hi Trini, I apologize; I’m just now seeing this. I will email you the bedding info. Sorry if it’s too late!

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    Thank you! As far as the crib bumpers, my daughter slept in my room in a Pack N Play until she was four months old. For this reason I didn’t have to worry about them when she was really little. By the time we moved her up to her crib she was rolling over very well on her own, so I felt comfortable leaving them there. She has also always been a baby who sleeps smack dab in the middle of the mattress, so she never even gets her face close to the bumpers. She is 17 months old now and they are still in her crib. I will probably leave them there unless she starts using them to climb. I would definitely buy the crib bumpers again!

  50. 50

    Thank you, Steph! The carpet is Mohaw SmartStrand. The style is 1I50 Intelligent Style and the color is 501 Paper Moon. I really love the carpet! It is SO soft and it cleans up easily. We added an upgraded waterproof pad, which also makes it extra soft.

  51. 51

    Thank you so much! You don’t find it gets stained, even though it is so light? You did a great job!!

  52. 52

    Thank you, Steph! The carpet does show spots because it is so light, but they clean up very easily, many times with just hot water. I also have it cleaned twice a year which really helps keep it looking nice.

  53. 53

    I have been looking all over for bedding and can’t find anything I like more than yours!! It is beautiful. Can you please email me how to order? Thanks so much in advance.
    [email protected]

  54. 54
  55. 55

    HI my name is Alycia and I was searching for that very same bedding with no luck. I would be forever greatful if you could please email me the order details so I could get the same bedding if you don’t mind. My email address is [email protected]. Thank you so much in advance!

  56. 56

    HI my name is Alycia and I was searching for that very same bedding with no luck. I would be forever greatful if you could please email me the order details & cost so I could get the same bedding if you don’t mind. My email address is [email protected]. You can title it BABY BEDDING.
    Thank you so much in advance!

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  59. 59

    Absolutely in LOVE with this room!!!! Beautifully done!!!! Love everything about it! Like everyone else could you please e-mail me the info for your bedding so my princess could also have this amazing room! [email protected]

  60. 60

    I got the butterflies at Hobby Lobby. I know Pottery Barn Kids carries mirrored butterflies sometimes too.

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    I absolutely love this nursery and it’s currently my inspiration for my little girls room now! We didn’t have such luck with the pink paint they wouldn’t mix the two colors for us do you have a suggestion on another pink color? Could you also tell me the name of the drapes from the store on etsy your ordered? Thanks for making such a beautiful design!!

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    Hello! I absolutely love your daughter’s nursery. I am hoping to create a similar gallery wall above my daughter’s dresser. I have found a similar mirror, and the frames without photos but I am having trouble finding nice frames with mats to use. Do you suggest picking frames and matting yourself or did you buy those as is?

  72. 72
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    Hi, I love this room and I am doing a very similar room for my girls. Could you tell me have you painted one wall pink and the other 3 walls grey?

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    i would love to have the order information. My daughter in law love the fabric and would love to have it made for our little Addyson Grace nursery .

    [email protected] Thank you

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    Hi, I simply adore this baby room!!!
    I would like to use the same paints for my daughter’s room.
    Would you mind sharing the colors (I heard that they were discontinued, if you can tell something similar) and finish of both paint colors please;)
    I can’t tell if they are flat or eggshell.
    Thank you!

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  87. 89

    Wow! How crazy that someone has the same names as my baby…except our first name is spelled….

  88. 95

    I am deeply in love with the dresser/hutch combo changing table! Can you please email me details, as to where you ordered. I have been searching for the exact one and haven’t found anything yet. Just Love the Room! Thanks!

  89. 97

    I too would love to have the ordering information for the dresser/hutch combo. Any chance you will be selling yours soon? I noticed this post is from 2013.

  90. 99

    Hey! I love your bedding! Could you give me the details on it so I could look into ordering! Thank you!

  91. 100

    Hi my name is monica,

    I am not having much luck with pink samples and we are spending too much on that and can’t get the perfect paint. You said the paint is a mix between almost pink and cradle pink. I don’t see that cradle pink anymore! Is there something something similar to it. Would you please email me at [email protected]

  92. 101

    I love this bedding! I noticed that you used two different pinks for the bedding, can you tell me what colors & which color did you use for what?? I’m wanting to do my little girls room the same!!!

  93. 103

    Hi my name is Julie,

    I’m not having any luck with the color pink. Will u please email me what color pink i can use with almost pink because they dont make cradle pink anymore. I am in love with the pink u used. :)

  94. 104

    Hi love this nursery room.. So beautiful!!! I’ve been searching everywhere for the glass mirror and butterfly mirrors but have had no luck finding them. :(

  95. 105
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  97. 107

    Hi , I love this nursery room for my baby . Can you please send me details about bedding so I can order and how long taking order in place?? Thank you .

  98. 108

    LOVE this crib bedding. From the dust ruffle to the blanket. Our daughter is having a girl and is hoping to do in light pink and gray.
    This would be perfect.
    Haven’t had any luck going to
    My email is [email protected]
    BTW, she is due April 8th.

  99. 111

    This is beautiful! I’m using it as inspiration for my nursery. 😊 I knew I wanted grey and pink and I found your page here. Thank you for sharing!

  100. 112

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