A Sweet Blush and Gold First Birthday

  • Welcome1/30
  • Banner and Gifts2/30
  • Flowers3/30
  • Balloon Bouquet4/30
  • Gifts5/30
  • Photo Booth Props6/30
  • Play Kitchen DIY7/30
  • Gifts8/30
  • Beverages9/30
  • Pastries10/30
  • Cake Topper11/30
  • Dessert Table12/30
  • Coffee Station13/30
  • Flowers14/30
  • Smash Cake15/30
  • Smash Cake16/30
  • Smash Cake17/30
  • Smash Cake18/30
  • Smash Cake19/30
  • Party Guests20/30
  • Unwrapping Gifts21/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot22/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot23/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot24/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot25/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot26/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot27/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot28/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot29/30
  • Balloon Photoshoot30/30


For this first birthday party we invited a handful of friends and family to celebrate with us in our home, along with the usual suspects (a smash cake and a mini photo session at the end of the day with all the leftover balloons), we picked up pastries at Mr Holmes in the AM for the "big kids" and introduced her to her first bubble machine.

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