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A Superhero Shindig


There's a little superhero in all of us . . . A homemade birthday celebration where caped crusader guests (spirited family and friends) gathered to enjoy lunch (hero sandwiches, superdogs, and sweets like Wonder Woman's lassos and Kryptonite sticks), make masks, and participate in Superhero Training Camp (tasks such as Kryptonite Kapture, Show of Strength, Squad Save, and Warrior Webbing).

Design Inspiration

Ideas from Pinterest and Etsy--as well as my son's expressed love for superheroes and their battles and saves.

Decorating Style

Repeated characters (cute/age-appropriate renderings) and bold colors to capture the imaginations of children.

Favorite Items

Superhero Training Camp was a blast. You could see the thrill in the children's eyes--that they really were transformed into superheroes for the day. I also loved my photo booth area (Gotham City made out of cardboard boxes).

Superhero Party Ideas - Project Junior

Monday 14th of July 2014

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