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A.R.K.’s Scandinavian, Science Exploration Nursery


D.I.Y. mania. It was important for me to create a unique environment for my son to grow and explore within. I compiled a bunch of my favorite whimsical things. A lot of natural materials; cotton, wool, and wood; interesting textures and bright colours.  This room was a loving art project for me, designed to teach and inspire Aki throughout his early childhood.  I tried to place small pictures/visual stimuli at many visual levels so that while he's playing in his room, he has many things to discover (with his learning and exploration in mind). And I filled his book shelf with my favorite children's books both old and new. Since almost every decoration was handmade and most of the large furniture was purchased from IKEA, the budget for this nursery was minimal and cost effective. Working with a small room was the greatest challenge, because it was difficult to keep the objects from taking over the space.

Design Inspiration

Totoro + Soot Sprites + Science + Nature + Polar Bears + The Arctic + Sigur Ros + Jonsi + Bright Colour + BRIO Toys/ Wooden Toys

Decorating Style

Modern, Scandinavian, eclectic, monochromatic shades of grey backdrop  with pops of bright colour

Project Details

D.I.Y. projects: duvet cover, all framed art work, photographs in frames, mobiles (felt ball mobile, black felted "Where the Wild Things Are" mobile, fabric bags, felt animal book dividers, polar bear mask, wooden bead "flowers", Soot sprite size chart from "Giant" to "itsy bitsy",  paper rainbow circles, wooden ribbon rainbow rings on crib,, mouse drawings + mouse hole, 2 music boxes (one is a tiny box) with musical cards for singing songs on top of wardrobe, letter "A"  on top of wardrobe

BRIO -  crib, wooden toys scattered around the room, black toddler push cart. You can find their products at

IKEA . fabrics for bags, duvet cover fabric, LACK wall shelf, bookshelf + square boxes, wardrobe, rocking chair, sheep rug, black window shade, table lamp, LACK green table, picture frames, little easels

moon wall lamp:

knitted blankets made by: Grandma :)

troll dolls, D.I.Y. project made by a Finnish friend

grey hedgehog pillow from Pentik store in Espoo:

wooden rainbow ball toy, rainboots from punavoren peikko store in Espoo:

Totoro toys/plush toys: mostly from Luca Japanese shop in Helsinki:










Favorite Items

The polar bear mask, knitted troll dolls,  hand knitted blankets from Grandma + wooden BRIO toys


I listed many item brands and online store sites, but if you have any specific questions about any D.I.Y. projects you like or an object/toy in the room not listed feel free to ask.


Wednesday 14th of March 2012


Thanks Crumbs, I put a lot of heart into my son's room :) Hayao Miyazaki is an incredibly delightful human being, great to hear you and your kiddos enjoy his work. Happy days to you and yours, Lisa


Tuesday 13th of March 2012

My kids super love Totoro and all Studio Ghibli films! And it's really cool that this room is so full of DIY projects.