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A Neutral Soft Nursery With Plants


When I was pregnant with my first child, I dreamed of a neutral baby's room that would stay beautiful through the years. So I went for this boho-style nursery by adding soft colors such as: white, black, beige and a slight touch of green as seen in the plants, handmade knitted blanket and teddy bear. It is therefore easy to create a room using second-hand and DIY accessories.

To make it work, you only need to add a few plants here and there such as this beautiful artificial bird of paradise, also called the strelitzia plant. It will really create a nice tropical vibe in the room. You could as well go for a small houseplant just like I did on top of a dresser or the baby's changing table.

I must say another good purchase was that black and white playrug from Clement. It allows your baby to stretch and play while being comfortable at the same time. Make sure you get comfy pajamas as well like these ones from Aubainerie.

I'm in love with the final result ! Yes, it is absolutely possible to make an affordable yet beautiful nursery, here is the proof !!!