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A Cub’s Personal Savannah


The couette cover represented a Family of giraffes, so we decided on  painting the sky  and the trees to create an open sky, savannah effect. We add some decals of savannah animals, a wooden giraffe and a few other items to bring everything together. We added the circular red mat to just pop some madness in there and get away from the safe coordinating colours and as usual for some reason the madness always works. We then added some red siblings in the form of the baskets etc.

Design Inspiration

I love the savannah and everything related, so as soon as the Mom said “Do what ever you want.“ I thought Jackpot!!! I had already seen a couette cover on Becquet that I was in love with so I knew exactly what i was going to do. After consulting with my neice we ordered one queen and one twin size couette cover, from which we made the curtains, diaper bag, bumper, comforter,  cover for the pad on the changing table, a bedsheet and the lamp shade.

Decorating Style

I really don’t know that I have one. In fact I am pretty sure I don’t.

Project Details

The whole look was achieved by cutting up couette covers found on to make what ever we needed. also has some cool stuff and they ship to the USA. Cradle was handed down by a friend. Changing table,and mosquito net  were bought at Bebe and kids . Most of their furniture comes from bebe 9 see their collection on The mat was made at a local carpet store.

Favorite Items

Well there are three : The Lamp, the Curtain and I think I can proudly say my neice paintings rocks!!!


If you can paint by all means do so but you can also get wall decals. The sky, clouds, grass and trees were painted but the monkeys hanging from the trees and the other animals are all wall decals.

Alison Mar

Wednesday 18th of September 2013

Very fun and colorful nursery! Babies really love animals so I'm sure your young cub loves this room!