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7th Birthday Party — Art Craft Painting Theme


We had my daughter's 7th birthday at a local art/sculpture gallery, where she and her guests could build fairy (or gnome)  homes from donated recycled materials.

Design Inspiration

The party room within the gallery itself was already beautiful, so I decided to just try to make the food and goody bag table as colorful and artsy as I could without competing with the room.

Decorating Style

Quirky and eclectic; there might be no rhyme or reason I love something or that it forces me to purchase it.

Project Details

I bought duct tape in bright colors at Target to wrap around the tiny bottled waters; ripping the original labels off is way easier than you would think.

I bought the art palette candy molds from, which my husband "accidentally" threw away, then ordered more from Amazon plus one from eBay in case the other didn't arrive in time. Candy melts and lollipop sticks were from Michael's, as were the tiny M&Ms for the palette paint colors.

Paint palette trays I used as plates were from Michael's for less than $5 for 10, cheapest I found anywhere.

All the goody bag stuff was from Oriental Trading (.com), except the sticks with the ribbons/bells were extras left over from a friend's wedding. I just thought they were pretty.

The tablecloth is from Walmart's Valentine clearance sale last year.

All the melamine plates are from Target or Ross, super cheap.

Favorite Items

I really loved the art palette lollipops made with white chocolate. They were adorable, all the little girls thought they were the cutest thing and very special, and it perfectly spoke the theme of the party.


Prepare in advance by purchasing things every couple of weeks from discount sites or stores so it's not a shock all at once. I didn't spend much (and obviously did those horrendous cupcakes myself), but I also had everything ahead of time. And don't leave the palette molds on the counter where someone might mistake them for trash.

Mom to 3

Sunday 14th of April 2013

Love this! Thank you for the inspiration!