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1950’s Retro Themed Baby Shower


I wanted my baby shower to be loads of fun for all my girlfriends, so that meant tonnes of fun games and delicious cocktails (and virgin punch for me)!  I am a lover of all things 1950's vintage, so the babyshower was retro themed to compliment my style.

Design Inspiration

With an orange house I couldn't go too crazy with decorations, so I kept the colour scheme navy and white to coordinate with my furniture and added just a few pops of fuchsia to keep things feminine (I am expecting a girl, and that's the colour scheme of her nursery, too!).  I got recipe and game ideas from researching life in the 1950's.  I infused a few of my other interests into the shower as well, like the fashion designer logo sugar cookies and the celebrity Frankenbaby game, making the party a real reflection of my eclectic vintage style.

Decorating Style

I wanted the party to be mature yet fun, no rubber ducky decor or chocolate diaper games in site!  Just cool 1950's cocktail lounge music, a few simple games, and delicious food.  The decor matched that style, with just a few beautiful and simple decorations here and there to compliment the theme, like the giant flowers and the little retro signs.

Project Details

Alphablanks Blocks by Dr. Goose:

Copa di Vino Wine Favours:

Giant Crepe Paper Roses: Michaels

It's a Girl! Banner: Prettiest Present

Tissue Paper Garlands:

Stork Bingo:

The Frankenbaby Game, Nursery Rhyme and 1950s Housewife Trivia, Bun in the Oven Game, Guess the Baby Food Game, and all the little Signs I made myself using images found from google image searches.  My tip for that is to use the search tools to narrow down the results to only those images that are large and high quality!  I had everything printed on cardstock at

Favorite Items

My favorite item was all the little homemade signs that labeled the food, games, party favours, and cocktails.  They tied the whole retro theme together without going over the top, plus they explained how to play the games so we didn't need to interrupt the party to make any big announcements with instructions.


My advice is to stay true to your own personal style when planning a party and to remember that it is adults who are coming to celebrate with you--not everything needs to be baby themed!  You can pull off an adorable baby shower that is still fun for your adult guests and that doesn't involve lots of silly games or baby themed decor if that's not your style.  Of course, cocktails and wine definitely help!


Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

What were the cut out 1950's women paper dolls for?