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I'm a wife, mom, designer and lover of all things creative and

Designing chic and functional spaces for children and busy families is what I'm all about.

Chloe’s Mermaid Inspired Big Girl Room

When we started this project, the room was in a very common state – they had already made the big move from crib to big girl bed but most everything else in the room was leftover from nursery days.  Her changing table was the first thing to go and we knew we needed to upgrade the lighting, window treatments and seating in the room.  Overall her mom wanted a bright, fun room full of colorful accents and with just enough sassiness to satisfy her little girl’s hot pink and mermaid fantasies.

Reed’s Starry Retreat

I didn’t set out with any particular “theme” in mind for this room but once I decided to DIY that starry ceiling version of one of my favorite wallpapers, it all came together.  From that one point of inspiration a loose celestial theme evolved – light and peaceful with touches of dark wood to warm things up and loads of different textures.  You can see my original inspiration board for the room here.