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Reed’s Starry Retreat


I didn’t set out with any particular “theme” in mind for this room but once I decided to DIY that starry ceiling version of one of my favorite wallpapers, it all came together.  From that one point of inspiration a loose celestial theme evolved – light and peaceful with touches of dark wood to warm things up and loads of different textures.  You can see my original inspiration board for the room here.

Design Inspiration

This Osborne & Little Wallpaper but I didn't have the budget to actually wallpaper the ceiling nor was I willing to commit to something like that long term.  Paint + contact paper allowed me to get the same look for a fraction of the cost of the paper + installation.

Decorating Style

Above all else, I strive to make my rooms functional.  A beautiful room that isn't functional is a total fail in my book.  I try to maximize storage and think through how each "zone" in the nursery is going to function and then come up with a layout that works.  I love modern elements with vintage touches to keep things unique and add character.


Project Details

I was 4 months pregnant when we moved from NC to Boston and with all the expenses related to moving and getting settled in a new home, I was determined to DIY as much as I could for this room. I slowly chipped away at things like curtains, bedding and art during my older son’s naps.  I filled in many of the accessories by shopping our attic storage – sentimental favorites like my own baby shoes and silver elephant rattle came out as well vintage children’s books.

All of the sources for items used in this nursery can be found here.

Favorite Items

Definitely the ceiling!  I daydreamed about how to make that work for months before actually attempting it.  As an avid DIYer sometimes things do not come out the way you imagine them but that ceiling is an example of something that turned out much better than I ever expected.  For the cost of some paint and a few rolls of silver contact paper I was able to totally transform the feeling in that room.  It immediately became something special and I love that it gives baby something to gaze at.  It's almost like 1 enormous mobile!

I also really love the shelving system I designed using IKEA shelving.  It gave me some great additional storage plus an opportunity to display art, mementos and some toys to keep my older child busy while I'm in there with the baby.


Before you start day dreaming about themes or colors take the time to put together a floor plan and a list of things you have/want to make work as well as what you'll need to purchase.

Maximize storage wherever you can.

If possible, have multiple light sources in the room, all on dimmers.  I recommend an overhead ceiling light, a lamp by the rocker and a light source at the changing table (ideally sconces to keep the changing surface clear).

Leave room for a small table surface by your rocker for keeping things like bottles and books and a glass of water close at hand.

Speaking of the rocker - if there is anywhere to splurge in the nursery, your rocker/glider is it.  You'll spend more time in this spot than anywhere else in the room.  You'll feed and rock and sing and read here, many times doing those things late at night when you're exhausted.  Make sure it's a comfy seat.

If you have the floor space, it can be nice to have a secondary seating spot in the room for your partner or older siblings to sit while you're with baby.

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and DIY items to save money.  Or, if you aren't crafty, enlist the help of friends and family who are!  Not only will it save you money but you'll end up with a truly personalized, one of kind space for your baby.


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