Cardboard Box Challenge: 11 Creative Ways to Use a Cardboard Box

We’ve got to hand it to you creative mamas out there. We have seen some pretty amazing ideas come out of this strange and often scary time we are all facing right now. We are in awe of all of you who are not only doing your part and staying home but also making the most of it with fun projects for your kids. (And it’s totally fine if you are one of those moms or if you are currently throwing all your screen time rules out the window because we’re all doing our best.) Amy Lou Hawthorne called on parents to get creative with her cardboard box challenge, and the results were stellar—so many creative ways to use a cardboard box! It reminds me of that great children’s book Not a Box. Flip through the gallery to see some of the great ways parents transformed cardboard boxes into magical experiences for their kids. Maybe you’ll be inspired too!

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