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My Favorite Wallpapers and Murals for Nursery Design

It’s astonishing to me how long the wallpaper trend has lasted in nursery design! I first started seeing clients go for wallpaper about 10 years ago. At that time, a lot of people were still really nervous about using wallpaper. Even with the addition of removable wallpapers, I still have lots of clients opting for traditional wallpaper, glue and all. So, I’ve had 10+ years designing nurseries with wallpaper, and I’ve definitely developed a few favorite wallpapers that I’m going to share with you!

The first one is the Daydream Wallpaper in Blush by Hygge & West. This wallpaper was pretty popular a few years ago, but it is still holding strong. The pattern is so sweet, and because it comes in lots of other colors, it can be used for almost any type of room. I’ve seen this pattern a lot in teen rooms, adult bedrooms, powder rooms, etc. It really works well even in a grown-up space.

Next up is the stunning Blush Floral Wall Mural, which you can get in The Project Nursery Shop! You may have seen this wallpaper from me before—I’ve used it in two rooms recently: the floral nursery below, and a girl’s room I did a few years back. This style is still so popular and for good reason! The pattern is so beautiful and soft enough that it’s not overwhelming.

Jessi Malay’s Nursery

I love when I come across something that has both geometric and traditional elements. The Onyx Rock Wallpaper from Drop It Modern has everything! It’s modern, it’s soft, and it comes in other colors, too. Definitely check this one out if you’re looking for a very sophisticated look.

I am still obsessing about this Tree Forest Wall Mural as featured in Emily Henderson’s nursery in pink below. You can see the beautiful green version in her daughter’s nursery in her first house. Again, it’s been several years since its debut, but the design holds firm! It’s hard to argue with great design—it just stands the test of time. Nature will always be in style!

Emily Henderson’s Nursery

Just as much as I’m a sucker for nature-themed wallpaper, I’m also a sucker for animals. I absolutely love this bunny wallpaper by Sissy + Marley. It’s so simple and chic and completely gender neutral. I’ve used a few of their other patterns, but I haven’t gotten to use this particular one just yet!

I’m so glad to see that wallpaper is a continuing trend, and it will be fun to see what new patterns arise over the next few years.