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This 3-Rex Birthday Party is a Roaring Good Time

Forget about T-Rex, 3-Rex is taking over the internet! Three year olds love themselves some dinosaurs, and moms are jumping on board with this pun-filled party theme. So when Charlie’s third birthday was coming up, I decided it was time to party like it’s 83 million BC!

3-Rex Birthday Party

3-Rex Birthday Party

While I love the theme, I don’t love the traditional dinosaur party colors of greens and browns—so I decided to make our 3-Rex party bright and playful, just like my little guy. I started with the Printable 3-Rex Backdrop, lots of balloons, and even got crazy with some spray paint on letter balloons. Charlie loved watching it all come together for “my party!”

3-Rex Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Carnivore, Herbivores and SWEETIVORES were all welcome to our party with a full dessert table setup.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas - Dinosaur Cake

The star of the show ended up being this adorable cake from Confection Deception. She custom created this little guy to match our invitation and printable decorations and I’m in love! The frosting scales, those tiny T-Rex arms, that tail! The cuteness doesn’t stop.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas - Dinosaur Cake

She captured my illustration perfectly right down to his little party hat!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas - Dinosaur Cake

What little boy party would be complete without something slightly funny and icky at the same time! These chocolate donut holes became “Dino droppings” and were a hit with the kids.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Assorted M&Ms on clearance after Halloween matched our color scheme perfectly while yogurt pretzels became “Dinosaur Bones”—another kid favorite.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Store bought cupcakes quickly became “Stegosaurus Cakes” with the help of our party printables and candy corn!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Homemade dinosaur cookies were a breeze with a T-Rex cookie cutter, green icing and sprinkles!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

I set the kids table with these perfect bright dinosaur plates from Day Dream Society. I love that they offered them in a fun color palette instead of traditional dinosaur colors.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Each little guest had a Printable Dinosaur Party Hat waiting for them at their place setting.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Little guests were each sent home with a favor bag full of treats, including Dinosaur Suckers, toy dinosaurs, dinosaur egg (easter egg filled with candies), and some play-doh to make dino prints with.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

For our final favor, I couldn’t resist having a little fun with these twist pops with a spin off of our popular Unicorn Party Favors. Instead of a Unicorn with a candy horn we have a Printable Triceratops with candy horn!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

I had so much fun with this theme, hope you guys enjoy it too!

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  1. avatar Silvia says:

    Hi! Lovely deco! You did an amazing job! Could you tell me which paint did you use on the letters balloons? Thanks a lot!

  2. avatar Jen says:

    Hi – could you tell me where you got the ROAR balloons? Thank you!

  3. avatar Kristine says:

    Hi would like to ask the size of the cake? It looks really amazing! And would love to have one as weell

  4. avatar Bridget White says:

    Sorry. Just saw that cake was made by Confection Deception

  5. avatar Bridget White says:

    I was wondering which tip you used to make the scales on the dinosaur cake and also if those are just round cakes?

  6. avatar Maci says:

    Did you use a specific paint to stick to the balloons? I love that idea!

  7. I absolutely love the cake – so cute!

  8. avatar Beth says:

    There is a link to the Roar balloons is in the second paragraph of the post. Christy actually spray painted the letter balloons to match her party colors.

  9. avatar Megan Kelly says:


    First off, I absolutely love your Dino party inspiration! You did a great job. Do you have a link to the balloons in the background? I would like to purchase them for my son’s party.

  10. avatar Sabrina says:

    Hi! Is there a way I could print your food place cards? Thanks so much!

  11. avatar Beth says:

    Yes, they are available in ItsyBelle’s Shop.

  12. avatar Emma Jones says:

    Are the stegosaurus cupcake printables available somewhere? They’re adorable!

  13. […] design for the cake was inspired by this cake at Project Nursery that I had seen on […]