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In the Big Kids Room with What’s Up Moms’ Brooke Mahan

Let’s just call this amazing collaboration what it is—a perfect match made in design heaven. We first saw Brooke Mahan of What’s Up Moms team up with PN contributors and interior design team extraordinaire J&J Design Group when they collaborated on Brooke’s second son Calvin’s colorful and creative nursery. She hinted that she would love to work with Jen and Jo again, this time on her older son Lincoln’s big boy room, and—spoiler alert—her wish came true.

We couldn’t wait to get a peek inside the finished space, and it’s every bit as amazing as little Calvin’s nursery—even with the high expectations and uber specific requests of their four-year-old client. So without further ado, here is Lincoln’s modern eclectic big boy room.

What's Up Moms' Brook Mahan and Son Lincoln's Modern Eclectic Big Boy Room

Modern Eclectic Big Boy Room with Whimsical Accent Decor

Tell us about the design process. We know you worked with our friends and PN contributors, the fabulous J&J Design Group. How did you jumpstart the project with them?
We went on a trip over the summer, and my three-and-a-half-year-old son Lincoln slept in a grown-up bed for the first time. Once we got home, he did not want to sleep in his toddler bed (which was basically his crib with the side removed) anymore. I knew I had to move fast, so I made a desperate call to Jen and Jo from J&J Design Group, and luckily they were up for the challenge. Since we needed the bed ASAP, that’s where we started. Lincoln really wanted a blue bed (which I wasn’t so sure about since his favorite color changes on a weekly basis), but they found this amazing navy tufted bed from All Modern that both Lincoln and I loved. They recommended a full so it could grow with him into his teenage years, and I’m so happy because now there’s plenty of room for us to read stories at bedtime.

Custom Cassette Tape Monogram and Whimsical Kids DecorBed | Duvet Cover | Mattress | Cassette Tape MonogramWallpaper | PacMan Light

Custom Cassette Tape Monogram and Colorful Pillows

Modern Eclectic Big Boy Room with Graphic Black and White WallpaperRug

What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve when creating this space?
Putting together a room is a lot of work, so I wanted to create a space that Lincoln would love now but that would also grow with him through the years. Jen and Jo are so great at making their rooms personal and special without having them revolve around a theme that the child may grow out of quickly. They chose really beautiful furniture that seemed perfect for a four-year-old or a 14-year-old. And then they added in elements like pillows, books and toys that reflect the things Lincoln loves right now.

Kids Room Reading Nook and Bookworm Wall LettersBookworm Vintage Storybook Letters

Bright Yellow Kids Room Wall Decor

Did your son have any particular requests for his big boy room?
Haha, yes, my son has lots of opinions and was very involved in this process! The blue bed was a big one, and he also wanted a desk “like mommy and daddy.” Then we made a list of his favorite things, and it included music, trains, animals and anything related to trash. Jen and Jo came up with the most amazing and creative ways to layer these themes into the room.

Modern Eclectic Big Boy RoomDesk | Roman Shades

Modern Eclectic Big Boy Room with Pops of AquaChair

Big Kids Room Whimsical Accent Decor

What is your favorite thing about the room? What is your son’s favorite?
My favorite thing is probably the aviator sunglasses mirror over the dresser. Jo made it by hand, and it’s incredible. Lincoln’s favorite is definitely the hanging chair. He thinks it is so cool that he has a swing in his room!

Custom Aviators Mirror and Modern Yellow Dresser Big Kids Room DecorAviators MirrorHalf Moon Basket | Grid Basket

Custom Aviators Mirror and Modern Yellow Dresser Big Kids Room Decor

Modern Eclectic Big Boy Room Colorful Kids Accent DecorClock Radio

Modern Eclectic Big Boy Room with Hanging ChairHanging Chair

Two things we also paid special attention to were his mattress and window coverings. Lincoln has never been a great sleeper, and now I think it was in part due to his mattress and how light his room was. We installed blackout roman shades and splurged a little on a really nice mattress, and he sleeps SO much longer now! Totally worth it.

What's Up Moms' Brook Mahan and Son Lincoln's Modern Eclectic Big Boy Room

Photography by Lu Tapp of Dustylu Photography


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  1. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Jillian!

    I’m not certain what this paint color is, but we carry a light gray paint in our shop which is a great true light gray paint. Whatever paint you end up trying, we always recommend getting samples since colors can look different in every space depending on the lighting or even the flooring in the space. Good luck in your search!

  2. avatar Jillian says:

    Could someone let me know the paint color?! Trying to paint my sons room ASAP!
    Thank you!!

  3. avatar Jessica says:

    Hi where is this yellow dresser from?!

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  5. avatar Kate says:

    Where did you get the bookshelf from? It’s the perfect size!

  6. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Lindsey, It’s from Hygge & West.

  7. avatar Lindsey says:

    can you tell me where the wallpaper is from?

  8. avatar Rachel says:

    Love this room, particularly the hanging chair. I have one from the 70s that I have been thinking about hanging in our granddaughter’s room in my house. Would very much like your feedback on whether you think it is functional and have you enjoyed it.

  9. avatar Kimberly says:

    Do you know the Paint color? Thanks!

  10. avatar Beth says:

    The sunglasses are linked above. I’m afraid I don’t know where the dresser is from though.

  11. avatar Kimberly says:

    Hello! Are the sunglasses available for purchase? Also can you share where the dresser was from?

  12. avatar Amy says:

    Love the paint color. What is the name and make?

  13. avatar Marcy says:

    Hi – I love the Roman Shades and have been looking for something very similar. Can you tell me what type of fabric you used? canvas? cotton? Also, is the border a dark navy or black? Thanks!

  14. avatar Jessica says:

    What is the paint color?

  15. avatar Shruti says:

    Can you please share where you got the dresser from? I would love that for my daughter’s room!

  16. avatar Alexis says:

    What is the specific name of bed ? I cannot find it on All Modern and also where is the night stands from ?

  17. avatar Isabel says:

    I can’t find that swinging chair on the website. Do you happen to remember the name of the chair? Thank you.

  18. avatar Beth says:

    It’s the SALTROD mirror from Ikea. Good luck with your design!

  19. avatar Amanda Vetor says:

    Great job! I am designing my sons room at the moment and love the idea of the yellow mirror. I think I would want to do a different color but love the utility of the hooks and it looks like it belongs in a kids room. Do you mind sharing the brand? Thank you!

  20. avatar Jennifer Boyd says:

    I love this room! May I ask where you got the dresser?

  21. avatar Jessica says:

    Hi there! What size mattress did you get for this bed? I clicked the link and it just brings me to the website, not to a specific mattress. The bed says mattress height 15.5 so I’m debating 12 or 14. Just wanted a visual with yours. Thanks!

  22. avatar Dana says:

    Hi! Where is his bookshelf from?? Love it!

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  24. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Lisandra, It was a custom piece that the designers J&J Design Group made. They are looking into possibly creating more, but it may be a while.

  25. avatar Lisandra says:

    Hello! Lovely room! Where can i buy the aviators mirror!?

  26. avatar Yohaira says:

    I love the aviators mirror! I’m in the middle of fixing my son’s bedroom and loved the mirror since he uses glasses. How can I purchase something similar?
    Thank you!

  27. I love this nursery design. Especially all the white with pops of color. Well done!