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Free Printable Elephant Thank You Tags

When I was prepping my hospital bag for my little boy’s arrival, a friend gave me a dose of advice. Bring something for the labor and delivery nurses, she told me. Boy, was it great advice. It’s really easy to pull together, and you can use the free printable thank you tags I created.

It is kind of like the whole give-the-teacher-an-apple on the first day of school concept. When you are giving birth, you definitely want your birth team fully supporting you. Showing a little appreciation is a great way to gain their trust and support.

Prepping a treat for the labor and delivery nurses is an easy afternoon activity to pass those long final days of pregnancy. We used sugar cookies when Brody was born, but when we have another baby, the nurses will be getting macarons.

Besides being my favorite sweet treat, macarons freeze exceptionally well. You can package them up with a bow and our free printable elephant tag a week or two before your due date and grab them from the freezer as you head out of the door with your hospital bag. If your baby decides to wait an extra two weeks to arrive (like my little guy), you don’t have to worry about the treats going stale. Keep the basket of treats by your door in the hospital or birth center. When nurses come in to check on you or when family and visitors stop by, it is the perfect thank you for celebrating one of the best days of your life.

Be sure to download the free printable thank you tags. (P.S. They work great as tags for favor bags too!) You can find another version of the tags on Momma Society. The hand painted macarons are from my favorite local bakery, Ruze Cakehouse.