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Our Liberty Crib Pinboard Winner is…

Who’s going to snatch up the Liberty 3-in-1 convertible crib from our Franklin & Ben pinterest giveaway you ask? Well, the judges pored through the over 80 pinboards, and it was no easy task to choose a winner. But, alas, only one person can walk away with this beautiful crib, so here it goes!

Miss Pete, you are our winner! Your Come Sail Away pinboard caught our attention right out of the gates. The cohesive look with each pin and your attention to detail was spot on. Congrats Miss Pete and well done. We hope you enjoy your new Franklin & Ben crib.

We also can’t miss an opportunity to acknowledge a few other standout pinboards: Jenny Hensley, Lauren Vance, Laura BlancoToledo and Katie Garth. A big thank you to all who participated!

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  1. avatar http://www./ says:

    Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

  2. avatar Diane Mathias says:

    Congrats Miss Pete! Nice looking board. I’m sure it was fun putting it together.

  3. avatar Zen says:

    How did I miss this contest??? Or maybe I have read about it but was so absent-minded that I forgot to join!

  4. avatar Frauline Melfi says:

    Yes, Florence, I’m thinking the same thing. Next contest, I’m going to join in on the fun!

  5. avatar Florence Amber says:

    Great job, Miss Pete! Love your board! Looks like a really fun contest, PN! Next time, I’m gonna make sure to join!

  6. avatar Marissa R. says:

    Miss Pete, your board is stunning! What a lucky little one to have such a beautiful nursery!

  7. avatar Miss Pete says:

    Thank you for the congratulations and THANK YOU Project Nursery! This contest was so fun and there was so much great inspiration on all the pinboards. Lovely job and congratulations to everyone who will be filling any crib sometime soon.

  8. avatar Jennifer says:

    Well I am pretty bummed too, but congrats

  9. avatar Mom says:

    Very Nice!!!!

  10. avatar ashley says:

    You are soooo lucky Miss Pete!!!!!!

  11. avatar Jenny Hensley says:

    Congratulations Miss Pete! Love the theme. This was so much fun!!

  12. avatar jen poppell says:

    While I am bummed I did not win, congrats to Miss Pete! That nursery theme is awesome! The crib will be perfect!