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Good Night, Good Light

Good things come from France. An example is the Glow In The Dark Bonne Nuit Bulbs that just arrived on the doorstep of My Sweet Muffin. When it’s time for bed and the lights go off, the two light bulb wall stickers radiate a gentle glow in lieu of a traditional night light. We’ve been watching for months …

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Giveaway: Curly Cue Wall Decor

Wall decals are still hot, hot, hot! Because they are so easy to use with no commitment, they are the perfect way to dress up your home in time for the holiday season. I was actually just rummaging around in our storage room looking for the big box of Halloween decorations and once I found it I realized that everything looked so dusty and a bit too crafty for my current state of mind. Got me thinking that using a few wall decals from Curly Cue Wall Graphics would solve all my problems. No fabric, bows, ribbons or sparkles that will…

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Giveaway: Wee Monograms

One of the reasons I am most excited to re-design my kids room is so I can finally get the opportunity to use wall decals. We’ve sang the praises of wall decals many times but it seems they are everywhere these days and the selection is endless. What makes wall stickers so attractive is the …

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