Rooms and Parties We Love this Week

Feminine Pink, Green and Gold Girls Nursery - Project Nursery

Thanks for uploading your work to the gallery this week, everyone! The projects were brimming with great ideas and bursting with inspiration. We saw some fantastic playrooms, so we decided to switch things up a bit and share them with you in lieu of parties. […]


Surprise Room Makeover Reveal

Girl's Room Gallery Wall

My nine-year-old daughter Stella just spent her second summer at overnight camp, and she left with one request: “Please redo my room!” Just like the story of the shoemaker’s child, since I’m in the children’s design business, my kids’ rooms are not always the projects I feel like tackling in my downtime. […]


Design Reveal: Color Craze

It’s a little hard for us to find just the right words to describe this design, which we recently completed for a client in Orange County, CA. It’s so colorful that the word “bright” just doesn’t do it justice. And, while it’s modern, it’s clearly not stark nor minimalist. For some reason, the phrase “in your face” seems to spring


Sweet Yet Sophisticated: Tween Girls

There’s a time in every girl’s life when they no longer want dolls and tea parties, but they aren’t quite ready for Facebook and Itunes.  It’s the tween phase where they start to develop their own sense of style.  I searched for some great inspiration shots of some sweet yet sophisticated rooms that your tween will love now and when


Creating A Shared Bedroom

Our friends over at The Design File asked us to weigh in on the shared bedroom for brother and sister. We put together a few top tips for achieving a pulled together, gender accommodating room. Here is a snippet of what we had to say: “Due to economic conditions, space constraints, the popularity of multiples or a desire to maintain an