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For both of my sons’ first Christmases, I was disappointed with the selection of baby’s first Christmas ornaments out there. They all seemed impersonal and generic, so when I got the chance to try out one of Silhouette’s amazing cutting machines, the Cameo, I knew I wanted to try making my own even if it’s after the fact. […]

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When we first become moms, we waive our right to sleep through the night. Every mom knows the feeling of that sleepy haze during late night feedings and rocking the baby back to sleep, wishing for just a few more minutes of sleep. Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a snooze button (wouldn’t that be nice), but there are […]

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When you thought about what it would be like to be a parent, I bet one idyllic scene you imagined was you and your little one working side by side mixing up a yummy batch of cookies, all smiles and happiness. When your toddler finally gets old enough to help in this childhood rite of passage, the reality hits. It’s like an Olympic event of parenting […]

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