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One of the biggest trends in nursery design over the past few years has been spaces inspired by elements of the 1960s and 1970s. We’ve seen everything from brass accents and Southwestern influences, to modern bohemian and hippie chic. […]

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Some nurseries truly make you stop and take notice. Don’t get me wrong, we see gorgeous nurseries all the time, but model Coco Rocha’s nursery, with its strong pop art influences and vibrant color choices, definitely wowed us. […]

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Advertising man Donny Deutsch recently unveiled his super modern, art-filled NYC apartment in this month’s issue of Architectural Digest. Like the television personality he flaunts on his CNBC talk show, the apartment’s decor is big, bold and kinda in your face. Like a true girly-girl, pink is the theme of his daughter’s bedroom. The pieces …

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