Filling Baby’s Easter Basket

Your little baby isn’t quite ready for the jelly beans and chocolates that the Easter Bunny tends to bring older kids. Here are some of our favorite Easter-themed gifts for a baby. […]


Giveaway: I See Me! Personalized Books

I think we can all agree that reading with your kids is an extremely enriching activity for both children and parents. Not only are your children learning a healthy love of reading, you are also spending quality time with your kids—not to mention the magic that books have at bedtime! It’s the perfect activity for relaxing together and winding down


Giveaway: I See Me! Books $50 Gift Certificate

I See Me! Books

Confession: whenever I see a rack of personalized objects, whether it’s the old school license plates, pencils or silly holiday ornaments, I still look for my name. Call it a diehard habit leftover from a little girl who rarely found her name on those racks. You see, even though my name is far from unusual, I’m not an Elizabeth or