Art for Your Floors

Silver Linings Cloud Rug

Nursery rugs are getting an upgrade. While yes, they’ve always be a soft spot for baby to do tummy time, crawl and explore, with the new creative designs available, nursery rugs can practically be elevated to artwork for your floors. […]


How to Choose Fabulous Flooring for the Nursery

Finding just the right flooring option for your baby’s nursery is crucial. In fact, sometimes I love to use the area rug or carpet as the starting point or the inspiration for the rest of the room. Here are some tips on selecting fabulous flooring for your nursery. […]


Today’s Sale: Whimsical Rugs from Momeni

We’ve curated whimsical plush rugs to coordinate nicely with everything in your child’s toy box. Find playroom perfect rocket ships, balloons, honeycomb patterns and more on sale today at Opensky.