Project Nursery Paint Colors are Here!

Our exclusive Project Nursery Paint Collection by Lullaby Paints is here! We’re bringing you a curated collection of fresh paint colors for all your children’s design needs. […]


From Flower Pots to Paint Pots—Anne Geddes is Back

Anne Geddes Flower Pot Photo

It probably depends on how old you are by how well you remember photographer Anne Geddes. When I was a kid, her images were EVERYWHERE—in posters, framed prints, calendars and cards. She was a great innovator of baby portraits and maybe the very first person who thought to put a baby in a flower pot! […]


Finally, a Worry-Free Way to Paint the Nursery!

Lullaby Paints

We all know the impact that wall color can make in a nursery or playroom. Picking that color? Well, sometimes it seems like a daunting task. Our friends at Lullaby Paints have helped to make it as easy as pie […]


Non-Toxic Paint for Your Nursery

I’m looking to jazz up my daughter’s nursery, and I stumbled upon Lullaby Paints. This paint company has no toxins and solvents in their products. The company states that their paint is “specially formulated to protect those people most at risk, while offering discerning parents the opportunity to create an exquisite, special room for their most treasured addition.” They also


My Colortopia: Conquer Your Fear of Color

Okay, I have a secret! When I first started decorating my own home, I was afraid of color—sounds crazy, but it’s true. Still, I always had color envy when I spotted a well-painted room, so over time, I finally had to overcome my fear and take the plunge into the world of color. Because of my past phobia, I can


How to Pick a Paint Color

Picking the paint color for your nursery is as important as everything you put in it! It either adds a pop of color or creates a backdrop for your design masterpiece. Whether it’s the softest shade of pink or the brightest shade of white, you never realize how many variations there are of one color until you are standing in front