My Favorite Maternity Jeans

Favorite Maternity Jeans

This is my third pregnancy, and for my first two pregnancies, I struggled to find a pair of maternity jeans that fit me correctly. As a disclaimer, I will note that I refuse to pay any where near the $100 price tag that some maternity jeans go for. […]


Your Search for Amazing Maternity Jeans is Over

Maternity Denim - Project Nursery

Pregnant or not, the one piece of clothing that’s essential to every woman’s wardrobe is a great pair of jeans. And finding that perfect pair is a little bit like finding true love, isn’t it? You know the ones—they fit like a glove, you feel like one hot mama when you’re wearing them, and they make your you-know-what look amazing. […]


Celebrity-Inspired Spring Maternity Trends

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun spring trends as well! Colored denim returns in a big way, and we are now seeing printed denim in maternity styles. Remember how cute Kristin Cavallari looked in her printed denim? […]


Melanie’s Favorite Maternity Jean: DL1961

Where were DL1961 Maternity jeans when I needed them? I had no clue that they made a maternity jean! They make some of  the best fitting denim I have ever tried. Now you can get the popular Kate Straight Leg Jean with an underbelly waistband. I personally like the look of the Angel Ankle Jean, which would be cute with


Rebecca’s Maternity Must-Haves Under $34

Having endured three pregnancies, I have been asked multiple times what “can’t live without” maternity clothing items I needed in my closet. This week I will share a few staple maternity items that can add some fun to your new wardrobe without breaking the bank. 1. A great pair of Maternity Jeans is a must. 2. A “Little” Black Maternity Dress


The Skinny on Maternity Jeans

There are two things I think are the most dreadful things to shop for—swimsuits and jeans. Try adding a pregnant belly into the mix, and then you really have a challenge! I have been on the eternal search for the perfect pair of skinny leg maternity jeans. I have borrowed from friends and tried on just about every pair you can imagine.