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No one can deny the bold effect that wallpaper can add to a space, but let’s be honest, not everyone wants to mess with the stuff. Crafty DIY enthusiasts have been stenciling their way to achieve a wallpaper look without the expense and inherent trickiness of wallpaper. But stenciling takes patience and a whole lot …

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Etsy is an endless treasure source of decorative art and accessories for childrens rooms. The prices are affordable and purchasing from Etsy is a nice way to have pieces that not everyone else has on their walls. My most recent find is a shop called Little Lion Studio. They specialize in wall decals and artistic prints which can be personalized with your child’s name.

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o ahead kids…draw on the walls! HUH? Yes…go for it! Turn one of your kid’s bedroom or playroom walls into an “ok to draw on me area”. A much better solution than your little Picasso taking pen to sofa or bare walls at this point, right? Create a wall that is simply painted with some chalkboard paint. Make the area as big or as little as you like.

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Wall decals are still hot, hot, hot! Because they are so easy to use with no commitment, they are the perfect way to dress up your home in time for the holiday season. I was actually just rummaging around in our storage room looking for the big box of Halloween decorations and once I found it I realized that everything looked so dusty and a bit too crafty for my current state of mind. Got me thinking that using a few wall decals from Curly Cue Wall Graphics would solve all my problems. No fabric, bows, ribbons or sparkles that will…

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