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Trend Alert: Candy Art!

I’ve been seeing a lot of art made from candy popping up just like in this sweet design board. I love the bold, fresh and modern feel it adds to the decor. I also think it is a fun project to do with the kids, but beware of the consumption of candy—very tempting! With candy art, a simple design can


Do-It-Yourself, Party Supplies

DIY: Gumball Necklaces—Lovely and Yummy!

Beautiful chunky necklaces are very popular right now. Why not make one you can eat? They are super easy party favors, just detrimental to your middle! Make them fast, and you will be alright. Here is what you will need: 1. Colorful gumballs 2. Ribbon 3. Metal skewers 4. Embellishments like flowers and ribbons (optional) First take your metal skewer