Have Baby Sock Problems? We Have an Adorable Solution!

You have all heard me rave about Cricut EasyPress. This amazing tool has been a total game changer in the DIY’ing game. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, Cricut releases something new! Today we are introducing the new EasyPress 2! […]


Ellen DeGeneres Launched a Baby Line!

ED Baby

Well, of course, she did because this talented lady has her hands in everything. The baby collection is exactly what you’d expect from Ellen Degeneres—classic with a dash of prep and plenty of whimsy. […]


Learn How to Make this Adorable Baby Shower Gift

Baby Washcloth Cupcakes

I was recently invited to a baby sprinkle for a friend who is pregnant with her second child. As the known “crafty friend” of the bunch, I couldn’t attend a celebration such as this without having a little something up my sleeve. […]


Baby Socks That Actually Stay Put. Pinky Promise!

Cheski Sock Company

Alright new mamas-to-be, you don’t know this yet, but baby socks…pure pain in the butt! I can’t even tell you how many brands of socks I went through with my first baby. Baby kicks are a force to be reckoned with, and most socks don’t stand a chance. […]