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Stacey Michel

Stacey and Family

I am a military wife and mother to three fantastic kids. When I’m not running my kids around to school, sports, play groups and other activities, I’m running my photography business. I specialize in family, children and newborn photojournalistic photography. Photography has always been a passion of mine. I attended various art, editing and photography classes throughout high school and college. When my children were born, my love of photography grew. I loved capturing every little moment in time—dirty faces, messy rooms, little toes and big cheesy grins. I try and embrace each moment and help preserve every memory. When I made the decision to stop working as a pediatric nurse and stay home with my kids, photography turned from a hobby into a job. Project Nursery has given me another way to continue to grow creatively. I’m so honored to call this my job. I know how rare it is to be able to do what you truly love, and for that, I never take a day of it for granted.