Zoey’s Handmade Haven

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my baby's den.... full of handmade and diy goodies by her mama, dadda, friends & family.

Design Inspiration

A box of charley harper memory cards. Graphic drawings, adventurous colors and best of all— it was easy on mommy's eyes! I envisioned her room to have the same feel— playful and inviting, yet sophisticated in its own inspiring way. I ended up framing some of the cards and they now find their home on top of an antique kitchen hutch that my husband and I turned into a bookshelf. I also got a lot of inspiration from other wonderful mamas and daddys and their nurseries on ohdeedoh.com.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Zoey's daddy installed the new flooring, crown molding, baseboards, and re-did the casing around the doorways. He also meticulously stained and re-stained, then re-stained again— the door until his wife was happy :) I made the drapes, flag banners, put together some of the wall hangings, and sewed some other goodies for the room. We are blessed by many creative friends and family that generously donated their talents—making special things—for Zoey's room. All of the furniture is either second-hand or from a flea market, garage sale, antique store or craig's list.

Favorite Items

ahhh, so many special things in her room. but. that. rug. it was a gift to Zoey from a very generous auntie! its from anthropologie—but no longer available :(


Scower garage sales, flea markets and vintage/antique stores! Some of the most beautiful one-of-a-kind items are tucked away there. For the things that really matter to you—hold out for something you absolutely love and could stare at forever! :)


  1. 1

    this room is very gorgeous, it’s so special to make things yourself, well done. i love the rug!

  2. 2

    I love it!!!!! Everything about this room is just wonderful!!! Very, very, very well done.

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  6. 6

    hi—thanks for all the lovely comments! :)

    @jessicabooms—the origami balls were lovingly folded by friends and family for zoey’s shower.

    @elink14—yes, the chandelier was from ikea. originally chrome colored.

  7. 7

    I love this room!! It is definitely a room she can grow into! This is exactly the kind of feel I want for my daughters room. I love the rug and wish I had enough money to get the curtains in that same pattern! :) 

    Few questions….where did you get the lovely curtains? And what is the paint color? I

  8. 8

    you used a favorite rug of mine! hope the yellow version holds up better then my tomato color. i had to return it because it started to bleed. beautiful job!

  9. 9
  10. 10

    Hi! Beautiful nursery! Love it! I have one question- where did you find those tapered bins? The ones I have found on the net are nothing special. I love yours!

  11. 11
  12. 12

    @nikkikwitkin—heeeello! the storage bins were from target, a special liberty of london line they carried last spring. unfortuntely they aren’t available anymore :( i searched long and hard for them because i wanted more—but came up dry!

  13. 13

    beautiful room! i am good friends with stacey p. and she showed me your adorable room! she knew i would love it, and she was right! we are expecting our first (girl) this summer and i can’t wait to get dreaming! thank you for the inspiration!

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  16. 16

    This is an amazing nursery! Love all of your diy items! Handmade from the heart! Make your way to Chicago and you can help me with my daughters room : )~

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    Beautiful room that has given me the inspiration I needed for the imminent arrival of my baby girl as I did not want pink. However, the paint make/colour is not available in England….would anyone be kind enough to send me a painted card of their ‘robins nest’ colour so I can get it scanned and made up over here….desperate for the right colour blue so it’s not too cold feeling! Also, we do not have changing mats like that in England, what make is it?  and does the cover come with it? Thanks!

  24. 24

    Adorable! Love the framed Charlie Harper memory cards (hope you don’t mind but I copied you for our future lil boys room). Like the colors a lot and the fact that you did more than a few colors too! Very pretty!

  25. 25

    So lovely! I also must say way to go on going bumper-free. I know they look stylish, but bumpers have been linked to suffocation in infants and even SIDS. Fashion never comes before my child’s health–so kudos to you! Hopefully more parents will follow your example:)

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  29. 29

    zoey’s mama here—thank you all for you lovely comments :)

    @destiny—the rug is from anthropologie, its the coqo floral rug—but no longer available in mustard :(

    @tiffany— i scored the crib off of craig’s list! its an oeuf sparrow.

  30. 30

    Hi Zomama – beautiful nursery – where did you get the nursery (glider?) chair? looks comfy! thanks!

  31. 31

    hi kelly— the glider was a hand-me-down, but i believe you can get it at babies r us- newco classic glider in ‘viva beach’ color. hope this helps :)

  32. 32

    This nursery is so amazing! I have looking at all the details for days! I love the colors and patterns and they all came together effortlessly. Do you happen to remember the name of the specific fabric by etsuko furuya that is hanging above the crib? I found a bunch of echino styles but I love your colors? Also how did you hang it? Did you find the two dressers at flea markets/ antique shops? And did you finish them like that to make them look vintage or is that how you bought them? Thanks for the information!

  33. 33


    hello! thanks so much for your nice words. i’m glad zoey’s room was able to inspire you in some way :) the echino oilcloth fabric is bird song in pink from the fall 2009 line. i stained the wooden dowel rod, drilled some holes in the ends and glued the end of the oilcloth to the dowel to hang it. i strung a piece of grosgrain ribbon from one hole to the other and voila! :)

    the white dresser on the right was found at the flea market and the bookshelf on the left was found at an antique shop and was actually the hutch to the kitchen block that we made into a changing station. we were so lucky to have all the pieces come “as-is” and only had to do minor sanding and re-sealing.

    i hope this helps :) take care!

  34. 34

    Love this room and using it as primary inspiration for my nursery. What brand/color paint did you use?

  35. 35

    I’ve browsed through every single room on project nursery and still love Zoey’s the most – the handmade touches, and eclectic yet clean style are so beautiful, I would love to sit in this room all day! Wonderful inspiration, whether I have a boy or girl (I’ll find out in three weeks, finally) I know the style I love now – thank you for sharing this, and not only that but responding to all the questions, I’ve now searched up and down Anthro’s website looking for similar items (that rug pulled me in too!) – Zoey’s a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful room and such a creative mama!

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  37. 37

    I love this room. So pretty and peaceful. The wall hanging above the crib is great. Where did you get it?

  38. 38
  39. 39

    Hi! Love this room and I am in love with the drapes! I read that you made them yourself. Do you mind sharing where the fabic came from?

  40. 40

    hello there lovelies… this is zoey’s mama :)

    @diane— the paint is benjamin moore’s robins nest.

    @elizabeth fowler— wow. thank you so much for all of your sweet and kind words! they just made my day.

    @lauren— they pillow on the green chair is from cost plus world market from 2009/10.

    @stacey— lauren is right on! etsuko furuya/echino is the designer. the yard i used is an oilcloth fabric from a local los angeles fabric store, but you can find it online.

    @jennifer—the fabric from the curtain drapes is from ikea from 2010. its called cecilia. here is the fabric in another color, not sure if the color i have is still available: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20153983/#

    thank you all for your nice words! hope this is helpful to you :)

  41. 41

    Hi! Very pretty with a touch of whimsy:) Could you please tell me where you purchased the cute pennant/flag banner? Thank You!

  42. 42
  43. 43

    Beautiful! Thank you for showing how possible it is to decorate a room so nicely in a sustainable way!

  44. 44

    Amazing room – any chance you can direct me to some good graphic art options for nurseries? I love the two you have featured here.

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  49. 50

    Where did you the fabric for her curtains? It’s just darling. I’ve been using the room shot as inspiration for our baby girl’s nursery. It’s just lovely!

  50. 51

    Good morning! I was wondering how the anthro rug is holding up? They have started selling it again and before making such an expensive purchase I was hoping to find out if it is worth it. Also, on their website it looks like a goldish yellow but in your picture and others I have seen it looks a little more muted. What type of yellow would you say it is? I attached my color scheme for the bedding I am making and think a yellow rug would really make it pop! Any description you can give would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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